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Altars – Part One

The dictionary explanation for an altar is a table in a Christian church, at which the bread and wine, are consecrated in communion services. It further goes and describes it as, A flat-topped block is used as the focus for a religious ritual. Especially for making sacrifices or offerings to a deity and another general description of a church altar is a raised structure or place that is used for sacrifice, worship, or prayer. There’s also a definition of Wiccan altar in Wikipedia which is a “raised structure or places used for worship or prayer”. Upon which a Wiccan practitioner places several symbolic and functional items to worship the God and Goddess, cast spells, and/or saying chants and prayers.

Raised in a Christian family, church altars were familiar from all the church services I attended. The respect given to it always caught my attention such as bowing before the altar as you pass it in the Catholic church. The ceremonies of breaking bread and wine, blessings, and prayers seem Divine and feel spiritual. I however have never gone further in search of a deeper understanding of altars until a recent church ceremony I attended, and the theme was deliverance through altars and prayers. 

Generational curses 

The priest did a summon on altars explaining it from a different perspective. He starts by saying that altars are any places used for sacrifice, worship, or prayers. That there exists many forms of altars and they all are powerful, their influences live for generations. He further explains that many altars are formed for good intentions but there are as many whose intentions may not be good. Some altars are used to cast spells and invoke destructive spirits or demons to destroy lives. Some altars may be speaking against one’s life hence a life of continuous struggle. An endless cycle of stagnation, financial difficulties, or any other troubles. The priest further said that one must especially dig deep into their bloodline and destroy any evil foundation that may have been erected for ages and act as contact points for demons to gain access into one’s life. All these are about generational curses. 

When an altar is raised for a certain purpose good or bad, the powers remain true for the said period intended. For thousands of years, altars have been erected, bloodlines bound to the rituals. One thing we must bear in mind, the bloodlines we have today have traveled for thousands of years and crossed lands, seas, and tens of thousands of families. In between this journey, a lot may have happened hence a need to have an open mind on this topic. All these altars are secretly whispering and if any is speaking against one’s life it’s essential to break it. The good news is, any curse or bound may be broken and any victim set free. 

Breaking curses 

There are targeted prayers for destroying evil altars. Some families may raise some money to hold the altar and seem high but that’s because of the underlying value of the prayer. This priest and his two friends looked well-versed and comfortable. They gave their short speech about evil altars raised before us and how to break them. They did their prayers and put their hands on us. Asked everyone to close their eyes. They prayed and we listened, some people received healing, especially the elderly ones. It lasted for about 30 minutes then the remainder of the service was done.

What are your thoughts and experiences on this topic?

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27 thoughts on “Altars – Part One

  1. Interesting. Jesus said to pray and fast for the tough ones. I believe certain places are under curses, as well , like Haiti and Louisiana due to voodoo.

  2. It’s a great and a vast topic. In today’s world it’s more relevant than the past because everyone is carrying a heavy yoke prepared by our ancestor /ancestors and interestingly in trying to make my yoke lighter I am also preparing a special yoke for my son.So it is never taken away or destroyed to free us. The tradition continues, acts which enslave us of our ancestral curses are adultery, divorce for the sake of lust and to know more about generational curses we can read Isaiah 24:5 Daniel 9:5-6. Thank you very much for sharing such a great topic. It is Very important to get out of generational curses to live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.Take care.🌹🙏

    1. Welcome and thank you. Glad to hear you are preparing a special yoke for your son to. Yes, we are all carrying yokes but it’s best to be free from most. 🙏🏻🌻

      1. No dear ,I am trying hard to ensure that my son lives a happy and prosperous life .I must free him from all generational curses and that’s possible only by means of prayers and mortifications .You also pray.Thank you very much .Take care.

  3. While reading this information made me to remember my teenage years where my mum used to take me to the Mother Mary Shrine in the city of Chennai, India. We are Hindus and my mom taught me to respect Christian and Muslim equally and even made me to visit Dargah. My point being every altar has some historical facts and beliefs hence it is no harm to follow and learn its wisdoms. How can we not believe without even trying? I remember how we used to buy bread and distribute to the needy who are assembled in the church premises. I am thankful
    for your insights on this.

    1. A nice question. How can we believe without trying? I like it. Sonnuce you were brought up in such a wholesum family, atleast you now know better🙂

  4. I’m only familiar with the altars of the Anglican church and the evangelical pulpit, the circle for breaking of bread otherwise known as communion.
    Weekly prayer meetings were also part of my religious background. It was mainly in the prayer meetings that family matters, illness and curses were raised and then prayers would go up in this direction.
    I was always comfortable with the simplicity in which these issues were raised in prayer, the only problem was when the ego manifested itself so strongly you knew that the call to prayer at the altar within the circle was carnal and rendered ineffective.

    Important and interesting discussion.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the discussion. It’s interesting that you were brought up in a Christian environment and are familiar with this things. Yes, I agree with what you’ve said on ‘ego manifesting’ and having some trouble in letting go.

      Thank you for the comment.

      1. Yes, thank you.
        It wasn’t an easy education and religious upbringing. There was a lot of do’s and don’ts which the adults burdened one another with. Measurements they themselves couldn’t keep up. Discipline was harsh and the other alter egos came into play.
        If I had paid more attention I would know scripture like the back of my hand.
        Although the back of the hand changes as time moves on and we become older. The finer lines manifest that we didn’t see when the hand looked younger.
        This is the same with scripture and religious traditions. We begin to see what never appeared before even though it was always there.
        You are welcome.

      2. I count agree more with your last statement. “Seeing what’s there for the first time” I’ve had a repeat of this many times. I also agree with you on having more control if we’d paid attention.

        And your first point about adults. So much truth in your statements

    1. Hey Shreya. Yes, been a while. I’ve been good, trusting you’ve been well to? Tell me about it, they are just stress and hectic to be rid off..

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