What Pain do you Enjoy?

If you find yourself wanting something for months on and year after year, then maybe you are wanting a fantasy, a false image or maybe you don’t want it at all. Maybe you are going through challenges and giving up at some point, always remember that life can’t be all roses. We have to go through some challenges to learn from them and let them define us by how we respond to them. You should ask yourself what pain you’d like to sustain. Which one will be worth it? It’s a question that can change your life. It defines us and separates us but also brings us together. Who you are is defined by the values you are willing to struggle for. So, always ask yourself what pain do you enjoy because of the end result that you have visualized to achieve, the gains you’ll attain after the pain of the process. People who enjoy the struggles of the gym are the ones with beautiful bodies and good shape often, People who persist in learning a great profitable trade are the ones who succeed at it and so on. Our struggles determine our success. Don’t be afraid of anything, always face your struggles head-on and they will disappear. Choose your struggles wisely, accept peace and prosperity, and live the life that you desire.

Good Vibes

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Almost everyone goes through their day on autopilot. This is a normal state regulated by the subconscious mind. Those who want an extraordinary life must take extraordinary measures to achieve it. Extraordinary is considered unusual or not from normal activities meaning the normal state set on cruise control must be consciously altered for any desired changes otherwise the normal routine will continue.

If your thoughts and feelings influence each other and those and feelings influence your actions, then your actions bring about your manifestations, then aligning thoughts and feelings is the best way to create what you want from life.

Below is the 7-step process of manifestation. First, there’s a thought, then the thought becomes activated by a feeling. The feeling produces a desire. Uninterrupted thought, feeling and desire begin to materialize as an intention or something one desires in their life. Intent is the spark that creates movement, action and a change of energy. This movement or change of energy begins to create new beliefs. With enough energy and beliefs, regarding the intention there’s a new result. These seven stages that begin with thought and emotion create our realities and behind the thought there is the law of cause and effect.

This is how manifestation always has, and always will work. Thought, feeling, desire, intent, action, belief, result. If you want a new result, thought, feeling, desire, intent, action, and belief have to align. However, the quality of your manifestation is only as good as the first two steps. Thoughts and underlying feelings. Without the two in alignment, the rest of the steps don’t have the map required to move towards the goal of what you are choosing to create. Ask yourself if you’ve aligned these things for the ideal manifestation or if your reality has grown from the habitual, instinctual, random or accidental thoughts and beliefs.

Your brain constructs guidelines and rules to protect you and keep you safe. it uses lessons from past experiences to avoid similar circumstances that result in pain or discomfort. It judges our experiences based on how they felt and puts them in categories varying in degree from good to bad. This is why the law of manifestation can be simple to learn but difficult to master.

Although we are all creating in this manner all the time. In order to begin transforming your thoughts and feelings, one can use this process. Have a piece of paper and write on it a to-do list and to feel list on the opposite column. Write a few things you intend to manifest then take a few moments to imagine the feeling that’ll be produced by achieving each of the manifestations and hold it for a few moments. Note the feelings. Use the same goals till you start seeing evidence of them showing in your life. Be sure to produce the feeling state needed by visualizing. If you get new feelings, note them too. Run the process just before you go to bed. Let the feelings match the goals and let them go as you fall asleep.

This simple process combines your thought, emotions, and desire sending signals to the universe regarding what your intention is. You are implementing action towards the goals daily as you write them down. In addition, going to sleep with the feeling of fulfillment will prompt your subconscious mind to believe and have faith in the reality of these things and encourage you to take new actions towards achieving this goal. Thoughts within themselves have little creative power unless they have a lot of focus and strong emotion behind them. The key is to create an alignment of your thoughts and emotions so the other parts of the process; desire, intention, action, and belief have the fuel or energy required to work toward your goal. Just like a car requires the right fuel to work and achieve its purpose. If you really want something, you have to inspire a strong positive feeling inside of you. The feeling needs to be built up and maintained till you see your manifestation. This is the fuel required to take you where you want to be.

Is it a state of mind?

Heaven is our end goal as humans, at least most of us. Where we’d want to go after-life on earth. Understanding of life is coined by our beliefs. The beliefs are a cumulation of society mostly from the religious point of reference and our cultures.

What would be your reaction if someone told you that heaven is here and now? Heaven is in our body we just have to wake it up through waking up our body. It’s said once awake, everywhere you go all will be good and perfect. Heaven is a state of mind through understanding the laws of mind, workings of the imagination and connecting to the unified field believing ultimately in God, the one mind. Hell, in this case, will be your doubts and fears.

You tune in to that state by consistently journeying within the self, understanding who you are and your purpose, learning to focus, understanding energy and finding the true divine love and light.


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Being made to feel guilty is condemnation and there’s a huge difference to the conviction of sin which the Holy Spirit does to set one on a clear path, directing one on what to do to make it right. Guilt cannot be fully be defined with so many what Ifs and the further you go into guilt the deeper you sink. Guilt comes from the enemy; convictions comes from a friend. A friend shows you the danger to get you out of it.

What is the one thing you’d change in your life? Something that if done differently would avoid hurt or damage to self or others? of cause with the severity varying. If you are really honest, is it there and can your wrongs be forgiven? Yes, your wrongs can be forgiven. The best definition of the word sin I have ever come across is missing the mark. While in sin, we are separated from God. We are all born in sin and we all have good and bad within; we should strive for better by being earnest; giving ourselves and others love and light.

Be very cautious of people who make you feel guilty. Rise above them, forgive yourself in Christ. Roman 8:1-2 says there’s no condemnation for those who are in Christ. Forgiveness is due to the work of Christ. Once we are reborn again in Christ, our slates are wiped clean and we begin a new in a world with no sin. This moves us back to God. Live a life free from guilt, but in love and light.

Learn to Look for the Lesson

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The beauty of human existence is more than staying alive, it is finding something to live for. You get something to live for by having intentions and pursuing them. By having role models who had the same intentions, learn from them. It’s not going to be all rosy, falling is an accident getting up is a choice. Always pick yourself up. Failure is part of the growth process. All successful people have failed their way to success.

When you fail, always ask yourself, what’s this trying to teach me? Take the lessons and learn from them. Don’t have a negative attitude towards failure. Failure is a growth process, the earlier you fail, the better. Now is the best time to fail. Fail early, fail often, fail forward. You can achieve anything in your life as long as you set goals, strive for them and believe in yourself. Stay strong and keep going. It’s all worth it.

What do you want from life? Visualize it deeply and ask yourself what you need to do to get it. Then let your intention guide you. Self-educate yourself and practice for success. Get involved in the growing process. Take inspired action. Always remember; cowards never start, the weak never finish and winners never quit. You are a winner.”20 years from now you’ll be more disappointed in the things you didn’t do than the things you did” Mark Twain

3 Jewels for 2020

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A man was once walking in the forest and he happened to see an exotic bird, intrigued by the bird, he wanted to catch it and have the bird as a pet. He tiptoed behind the bird slowly, steadily and finally caught it. Strangely, the bird started talking. The bird said, please release me and in return, I will give you 3 gems, 3 pieces of advice that will transform your life. I’ll give you the first one when you let me go, the second when I get to that branch and the third one to the very top of this tree. The man agreed and let the bird go. As soon as the bird was freed, it started flying away giving the first piece of advice. Do not torture, torment and burden yourself with excessive regret for your past mistakes.

As the man pondered on what he had just heard, the bird flew up, sat on a branch and gave the second advice. Do not believe anything that goes against common sense unless you have first-hand proof. The bird then flew up to the top of the tree and started laughing, looking at the man saying, you are a fool. Inside my body are two huge precious jewels. If you had kept me and killed me, you would have been a wealthy man. The man exclaimed, Ooh my!! How could I be so stupid, will never forget this foolishness for the rest of my life. The man then looked up and asked the bird, can you please give me your last advice? Maybe it will have the potential to pacify me. The bird replied, I was just testing you, First, I told you not to torment yourself with excessive regret for past mistakes and yet you just tormented yourself with regret for letting me go, and secondly, I told you not to believe in anything that goes against common sense unless there is first-hand proof and you disregarded that advice as well. For some reason, believing there could be two huge jewels inside a tiny bird like me.

Since you asked for the third piece of advice, here it is. If you are not applying what you already know, why are you so intent on gaining what you do not know. The bird then flew away as the man received his three jewels that will forever change his life. We make mistakes, do not be too harsh on yourself for them. Learn your lessons and move along. Be smart, be sharp, do not evaluate things on face value running for fast wins and short-cuts, use your reason before you accept and trust something or someone. Lastly, if you do not digest what you have received by applying it, you are not ready for more. Life gives you more only when you use what you have rightly. A story by Gopal Das.

2019 has been a good year to me, yes it has had its endless lessons, pain and struggles but also as many joys laughs, and hope. So much has changed within and without. Breaking my many limiting beliefs was very interesting and being able to interpret my external reality from my internal experience giving meaning to we create our realities has been a fascinating path. One of knowledge and application, new practices, practicing present-moment awareness; all allowing for a more spiritual life experience, giving and receiving love. As we turn a new leaf, begin 2020, may we all carry the 3 jewels with us. Learn to let go and that in life there are only lessons and experiences, not mistakes. To learn to let go, grow, and have faith. Applying all the valuable knowledge we know can greatly transform our lives, by being grounded able to feel more and be more. Doing everything that we do the best way we could enjoy the present moment hence creating the next joyful present moment. Then, always ask yourself from time to time if you are applying what you have learned from your recent past, if no, please do. Happy new year, Wish you a prosperous 2020!

Boxing Day

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Originally a United Kingdom and a few other countries holiday. It falls a day after Christmas. Marked by shopping feasts and sports especially football. It’s said to have begun in the 19th century. It was a holiday when the tradespeople, the poor and servants received gifts. Employers gave a day off to their employees and some bonuses and boxes for gifts. The origin of the name is uncertain but It has nothing to do with the boxing sport, probably boxes of gifts or alms boxes churches used to collect donations for the less fortunate. The holiday has since evolved to What It is today.

The economy has changed lately taking a dip with many complaining of how expensive it has been to get by. Just yesterday morning I heard on the radio that statistics of people who’ll be unable to travel home as is tradition for most in this Christmas season will be higher compared to last year due to financial constraints.

Having this in mind, what is the best gift to buy? Research shows that buying the best item in a cheaper category is the better choice rather than a substandard in a higher category. Ideally, exchanging gifts is not like exchanging money. It’s the gesture the matters most. It’s difficult to put value on thoughtfulness. May you enjoy your boxing day, gift as many; friends, family, colleagues and the need. Happy boxing day.