It's the space within the pot that makes the potOtherwise, it would be just pottery with no potIt's the silence between the notes that make musicOtherwise, it would be just noiseIt's the emptiness within your house stone walls that make your home,Otherwise, it would be just another rock boulderIt's the space within the cage that… Continue reading Emptiness

Life & Stories

Fire Tragedy

This year has been the hottest year we've had in the past three years in Kenya. We've experienced several dry months in a row, this a sign of food and water shortage when the reserves run low. A dreaded situation especially in specific regions of the country. With the hot sun and drylands, lately, I've… Continue reading Fire Tragedy


Reality – Part 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4FGuXkti7k&ab_channel=Kinge We are intelligent beingsLiving in an intelligent worldWhere everything is connectedNothing happening by luck or chanceSpirit at the center, where all balance stem fromOur words, our wandsCreating realities from nothingCo-creating in thoughts, words, and actions Manifesting in this classroom called earthOur experiences and mistakes the many lessonsOf Dreams within dreamsDeep within, we awake to different… Continue reading Reality – Part 2


Yellow Buses

They are back, breaking the new standard of quiet morning'sLoud engines and occasional loud hoots from the hasty driversLike a river of yellow, the yellow buses flow in and out of the stops.Enthusiastically the children talk, excited for the new day.Now all wearing little masks to keep the flu away.Different uniforms forming beautiful patterns,all neat… Continue reading Yellow Buses


A Boy

There was once a young boy.Of humble beginnings and Happy childhoodCurious of the world playing coyMaking friends in school and neighborhood Little did he know that life an adventureThe best views have the hardest climbsTo take the scenic route, enjoy the detour.Utilize the many gifts including mind and limbs,Soon, shaped and defined by life experiences.Of… Continue reading A Boy