Caterpillar Analogy – Poem

I have heard of the new earthA wondrous place filled with blissSame constructs but different dimensionsA journey within of self-realization and awareness The caterpillar heard of the new earth toA wondrous place filled with ecstasySame constructs but different physicsA journey within of self-transformation Sacrifice and patience are much needed,For the odyssey is long and often… Continue reading Caterpillar Analogy – Poem

Life & Stories

Altars – Part One

The dictionary explanation for an altar is a table in a Christian church, at which the bread and wine, are consecrated in communion services. It further goes and describes it as, A flat-topped block is used as the focus for a religious ritual. Especially for making sacrifices or offerings to a deity and another general… Continue reading Altars – Part One


Wandering Soul – Poem

The incorporeal essence of a living beingIn its many Cyclic lifetimes, traversing the universeIn its wholeness, it forgets its identityIn its journey, learning and growing,Hosted in different host bodies, but the sameRegaining awareness, connecting to the truthCollecting information, taking it back to sourceAll the infinite number of souls, each uniqueCarving their story in every experienceEvery… Continue reading Wandering Soul – Poem

Personal Development

Why we struggle with positive thinking

image credit I recently learned that self-help is not only about things you do such as positive thinking and making mindful actions but mostly, it's about avoiding things that do not work for you and the end goal of this will be positive growth. Can you identify any of your habits that are working against you? If yes, this… Continue reading Why we struggle with positive thinking


Maya Mirage of Gains & Losses.

Witnessed by the Spirit world, an illusory mirage of human entanglements with multiplying deaths of losses and rebirths of retrieved puzzle fragments. We are born into a world of infinite possibilitiesWhere knowledge is power and when applied leads to freedomWhere all is energy and anything can be gained through alignment Basking in Source, unlimited unconditional… Continue reading Maya Mirage of Gains & Losses.