Caterpillar Analogy – Poem

I have heard of the new earth
A wondrous place filled with bliss
Same constructs but different dimensions
A journey within of self-realization and awareness

The caterpillar heard of the new earth to
A wondrous place filled with ecstasy
Same constructs but different physics
A journey within of self-transformation

Sacrifice and patience are much needed,
For the odyssey is long and often lonely.
Only a few brave enough take it
Fewer still succeed

The caterpillar stopped eating and hung itself
Spinning a silky cocoon into a shiny chrysalis
Lonely, but in two weeks, a new dimension unfolds
The lucky caterpillar transforms into a butterfly

Detaching oneself from the material and ego
Diving within practicing yoga and meditation
Elevating our vibration to gratitude and joy
Transcending our reality into a new space

Just like the caterpillar did the work, so should we
With luck, we unfold to butterflies, not moths
Transcending struggle into beauty and bliss
Living our true fullest potential,
that lay dormant within
The caterpillar analogy is an important metaphor showing how we can transform our states of consciousness to high dimensions and experience better realities in the same physical dimensions. Have a deeper understanding of ourselves and the environment, better relationships with the same, and grow closer to our creator.  Improving our attitudes and therefore our perceptions.
Image source
Β©Kevin Kinge

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