The wind – Poem

Where is its birthplace, I wonder?
Within the wind floats life’s energy
Nourishing green life, the wind pollinates
The fuel to our bodies, its air fills our lungs 
Balancing the ecosystem, it carries the waters

Do winds die, I wonder
They blow across the world
Carrying whispers and secrets
The same wind that touches our faces,
It Touched our ancestors to and those to come

Does the wind know me I wonder?
The winds know everything there is
I’ve heard of the many secrets it holds
For without a birthplace, forever they’ve blown
And without a place to die, eternity is all it knows.

Image Source
Β©Kevin Kinge

44 thoughts on “The wind – Poem

  1. It gives me goosebumps to think that the wind has touched the faces of my ancestors, yet comforting that it has blown for all eternity.
    This poem can be read in two ways – either at face value or as a spiritual allegory. Beautiful images. I love it, Kevin!

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