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We think, thus we all talk to ourselves. Although most of the self-talk is mental, we also talk to ourselves out loud. Through words because what we say is an expression of our thoughts given energy. Sadly, for many, self-talk is usually predominantly negative. This is very damaging, with often alternations between positive and negative… Continue reading Self-Talk

Personal Development

Good Vibes

Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash Almost everyone goes through their day on autopilot. This is a normal state regulated by the subconscious mind. Those who want an extraordinary life must take extraordinary measures to achieve it. Extraordinary is considered unusual or not from normal activities meaning the normal state set on cruise control… Continue reading Good Vibes

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How our Thoughts and Emotions Affect Our Reality

Photo by  Thought Catalog   on Unsplash What we see as our reality has more to do with what we know than what is true. Science shows what we know as familiar can affect our perception of the world. Because of what we perceive to be true, we can become stuck believing that our identity is a… Continue reading How our Thoughts and Emotions Affect Our Reality