Reality – Part 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4FGuXkti7k&ab_channel=Kinge We are intelligent beingsLiving in an intelligent worldWhere everything is connectedNothing happening by luck or chanceSpirit at the center, where all balance stem fromOur words, our wandsCreating realities from nothingCo-creating in thoughts, words, and actions┬áManifesting in this classroom called earthOur experiences and mistakes the many lessonsOf Dreams within dreamsDeep within, we awake to different… Continue reading Reality – Part 2



Some say reality is an agreed-upon illusionWe then conform to the state of things as they existOthers claim it is a constructSubjective and not based on empirical evidence We then float on the waves of consciousness.Working our intuitions past the illusionsThey then tell us that everything is energy.Reality but an illusion. Leaving us confused in… Continue reading Reality

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How our Thoughts and Emotions Affect Our Reality

Photo by  Thought Catalog   on Unsplash What we see as our reality has more to do with what we know than what is true. Science shows what we know as familiar can affect our perception of the world. Because of what we perceive to be true, we can become stuck believing that our identity is a… Continue reading How our Thoughts and Emotions Affect Our Reality