Some say reality is an agreed-upon illusionWe then conform to the state of things as they existOthers claim it is a constructSubjective and not based on empirical evidence We then float on the waves of consciousness.Working our intuitions past the illusionsThey then tell us that everything is energy.Reality but an illusion. Leaving us confused in… Continue reading Reality

Personal Development

What Struggle is worth Your while?

Struggle Quotes Have you ever found yourself wanting something for months? Then months turn to years? You then start wondering whether you want it or it’s just another wishful desire or fantasy? It is probably due to the lack of action that you dedicate to the achievement of the desire or goal. Or maybe you… Continue reading What Struggle is worth Your while?


Wildflowers – Poem

Wild and free almost boundlessBorn of nature through the ultimate designConquering lands, spreading like wildfiresBut unlike the signature of the fires, destructionWildfires cover the earth in enthralling beauty. Ideas are born of man's desire for growthAn innate connection with source The ideas wild like wildflowersSpreading like wildfires Some good spreading wildOthers as dangerous as wildfires,Out… Continue reading Wildflowers – Poem


Life, a dream – A Poem on Life

Exploring the mountainsTraversing the wide oceansFrom kingdom to kingdom, you dine and intertwine with kings and queensHaving the best adventures molded in your dreamsEach escapade feeding your hunger for moreNow more dangerous and daringInventing technology, to forget you were dreamingDay and night shortened, moving fast in timeHiding levels within dreams, lost convinced this to be… Continue reading Life, a dream – A Poem on Life


States – A Poem on States of Mind

We live in a world of states, flowing through time.Continuous, the states unfold in time.They determine our realities,Each offering different perspectives. Imagine time as a horizontal line,Flowing, and the states as a vertical line.The infinite states intersecting in timeWe move through time, cutting it at different level states. The states limit or enable us.Deeper than… Continue reading States – A Poem on States of Mind