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You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.

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The Alchemist

The story begins when Santiago is but a young boy tending after sheep in the countryside with the sheep and books as his company. He thought his life boring that his schedule and that of the sheep were synchronized such as wake-sleep patterns, often speaking to them to ease his loneliness and share the best… Continue reading The Alchemist

Maya Mirage of Gains & Losses.

Witnessed by the Spirit world, an illusory mirage of human entanglements with multiplying deaths of losses and rebirths of retrieved puzzle fragments. We are born into a world of infinite possibilitiesWhere knowledge is power and when applied leads to freedomWhere all is energy and anything can be gained through alignment Basking in Source, unlimited unconditional… Continue reading Maya Mirage of Gains & Losses.

Spiritual Dimensions

A poem by Kevin {KevinKinge} & Amber {DiosRaw}Formless yet form dimensional space adhering to scaled indeterminatesBeyond time and space there exist a great void, where nothingness and potential thrive.Learning curves humongous passing through embryonic dualitiesIn the spiritual dimension, we are part of the all as we become conscious of the one mind.In the third dimension, we… Continue reading Spiritual Dimensions

You Manifest Who You Are

We attract what we are into our life not what we want. To manifest something, we have to become it first. We have to be in alignment with the thing desired. Connecting to God, strengthening our faith, and ability to believe change’s our awareness. We then become certain of what we want to manifest. “All… Continue reading You Manifest Who You Are

Journey To Infinity

For eons, we have journeyed, yet our paths are not defined but the end is knownStacked in ethereal libraries of the Akashic records in a multidimensional realityMade of a thousand stars in the millions of light year travelIn timelessness, wandering the spatial deserts of multiversesNomads of the vast expanseThe micro and macro of the cosmos… Continue reading Journey To Infinity

Ego Trip

Casting spells and nets over humans and God lies the ego gamesyet spirituality can be worn as a badge, decorating the layers of drama veiling.Within the five senses, the ego hides, completing the perfect illusion-reality. Creating separation from self, forgetting life stems from the spiritThe ego trip, the thief of the spiritual journey, the longer… Continue reading Ego Trip


Like a restart to my mind, the conscious mind awakes. I wonder where I’ve been while in the deep sleep state? All I know is my body rejuvenated, my spirit renewed. That the higher self is, and the one mind permeates all. I open my eyes and perceive my surrounding. The Sunrays fill the room,… Continue reading Gifts


They reflect what’s given Not a hint of editing but the same frameSometimes we look at the mirror and wish, if onlySometimes the reflection starring back is but a shadow,the truth hidden behind a thousand blinksOur personalities mirror our beliefsOur lives reflect our actionsSeeing is believing, they sayMirror mirror, are you the truth? Photo by Noah… Continue reading Mirrors


We live in a world full of choices. Our beliefs are one of the many choices we have. We can choose to build empowering beliefs and remove all limiting beliefs for growth or remain the same. Beliefs are very strong and our internal behaviors or patterns are created by our beliefs. The only beliefs that… Continue reading Choices


Being made to feel guilty is condemnation and there’s a huge difference to the conviction of sin which the Holy Spirit does to set one on a clear path, directing one on what to do to make it right. Guilt cannot be fully defined with so many what Ifs and regrets. The further you go… Continue reading Culpability


Doubt is the absence of faithSignifying a lack of trust,a welcome sign to fear. Self-doubt is the worst of itAs we become our block,To growth and peace We stop believing in the unseenForgetting Faith is the building block of lifeBecoming doubting Thomas’s we stand in our way Doubt comes as a whisperThen manifests itself as… Continue reading Doubt

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