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January 15th

It’s been five years already. Time moves so fast. It only feels like the other day to me. Lots of things have happened since then though. How I still wish you were here to see the growth and progress. To guide me in other areas of life. Maybe help prevent some mistakes that have happened not to happen. I’ve missed you so much.

My mum passed on 15th January 2018. After a long battle with cancer in the previous year 2017. She had a few other health complications too. But 2017 was the worst of it. We spent long hours in very many different hospitals. Seeking chiropractic sessions to dialyzes. She also spent a considerable amount of time in hospital beds. It was war memorial hospital, Valley hospital then finally Nairobi west hospital. In between, there were small medical centers.

I remember the memories before. Growing up and the love you gave us. Your sacrifices on many occasions, witty jokes, and delicious foods. Your kind words and much advice you gave us. Always ensuring we dressed our best and represented accordingly. The good principles you taught us became very handy are in good use right now, shaping our lives. I got a son that looks like you. How he reminds me of you.

I wanted to write this short post just to remember you and to let you know that you are missed. Wishing you peace with the angels above.

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