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Grandmother (Cucu). That’s what we call our grandmothers in Kenya, but it’s a Kikuyu word. Kikuyu is one of the tribes. Now mostly used by other tribes too.

She was sick and has been sick for most of the year. My grandfather, her husband, passed in late December last year on 21st December. She hasn’t been the same. She had had to struggle with loneliness and constant short illnesses. Our extended family growing apart by the day.

She was admitted to KU referral hospital last month for around 24 days. At the hospital, she suffered from low oxygen levels and was taken to ICU. After five days in the ICU, she stabilized and was taken to a ward where she gained her strength slowly. She had already gone through several dialyzes and had to go through some soon. She’d regained talking strength but still, we were all a bit scared. The bill came and was sorted although very high.

She went home, and two weeks later, she passed. She’d had trouble during the dialysis sessions. I’m still in shock at receiving this news. Reminds me so much of my mum. Grandma had lost two daughters and a husband.

Due to the Christmas season, the burial was moved to after the holidays. The burial arrangements went on well. We visited on the 26th. On 28th, the burial day. We all went to the morgue. We received the body and went home for the burial ceremony. She’ll be buried next to her husband. I still can’t imagine life without grandparents. It’s a sad occasion, but we are here. Esther Njeri was her name.


17 thoughts on “Cucu

  1. So sad and unfortunate! My heartfelt condolences! May her soul rest in peace! Sending you love, strength and courage to face days ahead without her!

  2. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord.
    May the Perpetual Light shine upon her.
    May her soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

  3. Beautiful picture of a beautiful woman. Her strength shines on in you. It’s very hard to lose loved ones. Most sincere condolences, dear Kinge.

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