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T.N.T It Rocks the Earth

Claude M. Bristol who worked for the newspaper writes about a secret he sought out for too long until he found it. The secret is what makes those who are successful become successful. He had read many books and interviewed key people but always missed the secret hidden deep within. Until he engaged his subconscious mind is when he came about the secret.

He starts by explaining the extraordinary power belief has. He compares belief to the bible where it says it’s done unto you as you believe which in this case is his mantra. He mentions great names such as Gandhi, Henry Ford, and Mussolini to mention a few, and says what they all had in common is the belief in themselves and their ideas. He also advises on having a good imagination and tells a story of two young men, one used his imagination but the other was too afraid to use it.

He says instead of envying those who have, we should do. Act however small the act may seem. Then listen to our inner voice, the subconscious mind as it guides us on the best route.

There are three keys shared. One is repetition. He says that repeating a thing over and over again makes it stick. You become one with it, hence easier to manifest. The second one is to know in detail exactly what you want. The best advice is to write on small pieces of paper and make them visible to you so that you see them over and over. This will help you with where you are going. Also, use your imagination while at it and do not tell anyone of your goals and plans, just act. The third is to keep up with the world since the more informed you are the better you’ll be. And information is power. Always keep moving forward and forget events of your past.

The book advises if you are not moving forward to change your gears. Always believe in yourself, and your products and face the world with confidence. To be great as sales since everything revolves around selling and to follow our hunches. If things are not going the desired way, we are only to blame ourselves. While practicing the shared tips, we should always employ repetition over and over again.

The book is brief and to the point. I enjoyed reading it. Although the points shared are similar to other books, they are very well explained.

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