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This has been a full year for me. So many blessings within it. Just the other month, I graduated, and it has opened new doors for me. A new job offer which I’m going to take, in a new town. Very eager to work and learn in my new role.

My last job was in Nakuru. So I lived there and my family is there. However, this new job is in Nairobi, and I’ll have to live in Nairobi. Conveniently, I have a place to stay here in the city, but I’ll always have to travel home often.

I had forgotten about traffic for five years. Working on the farms especially, you rarely come across any traffic. Just the minor ten to twenty minutes while getting into town once in a while. The cost of living is also higher in Nairobi, something I’ll have to get accustomed to.

The new government has invested in agriculture just a few months into office. The prices of fertilizers have been cut by half, GMOs are no longer banned and are a hot topic of discussion at the moment some arguing it’ll help solve the increase in food shortage, drought cases, and the rising cost of living that make food prices even go higher. There’s also a government fund for farmers now. All this potential in farming, but I have to leave for now. Maybe I’ll be back to it again. Still receiving a few offers to from this sector.

I’m so excited about my new job. A blessing and a new opportunity. A new door that has just opened up for me. I bless the job and say thank you for the opportunity. I’ll update you on the job as we go on.

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