This month has been full of blessings. It started with my Master’s graduation, then a few other things, there was pneumonia in between that hit me but in recovery now. All that and now, we’ve been blessed with a healthy hansome baby boy. His name Kenzo.

The nine months have gone by fast, but I’m glad I’ve been present in them and the destination was 26th October. The monthly checkups at the hospital. Many times, twice a month. The scans, medicine to revitalize her, and lots of foods to keep her strong and healthy. From the moods in the first trimester to the pains in the last, all have been wonderful journeys.

We’ve had previous challenges with the same situation before, especially last year. A tough, and painful experience. Long gone and forgotten now, replaced with this beautiful memory of baby Kenzo.

I’ve been told that having him around will change me for the better. Not that I was any worse. But I’m ready for it and glad for this new chapter. To be called dad and provide as needed; in love, support, and material etcs. This is definitely a month to remember for me. A reset button to my life. Almost feels like a quantum change that’s going to be felt for a while. I am very glad for all these many blessings. I know this post feels like a note to self, but I had to write it and share.

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