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Master’s Graduation

It’s been a long journey that started in August 2018 ending in October 2022. Yes, that’s four years. Three years of coursework, and one year for Thesis writing. Including data collection, interpretation, and analysis. Then two defenses, one on the proposal and the other one on the thesis. I passed both with minor corrections. Overall, I got a super cool B grade. The course was majorly in Management, at least 70% of it with at least 30% agricultural stuff. It challenges one to think progressively, about technology, cutting costs, and creating more business.

I began the course at my lowest point in life. My mum had passed the same year after a long battle with cancer and other complications, still lost my grandma and another close relative the same year. My business was failing too. My 6-year relationship had hit rock bottom. I felt like I had lost my life, my reasons to be. I became depressed for a bit. Before then, I was only hearing of the term, but now I was living it. Such a twist of events. Such a short time for all that loss.

Within the year, I found myself in an agribusiness venture. So the opportunity of joining a course that would advance my project presented itself, and I took it. Then, I thought I’d be done with everything to graduation in three years. But four isn’t too bad. I feel like the timing is just perfect.

I’ve passed through a lot in the four years, including this blog which I began writing as a release. Found a happy relationship and expecting a kid this month. This October feels like my month. So much promise within this one month. I’m filled with gratitude, and my heart is elated.

Today, I graduated with a Master of Management in Agribusiness. I was the only one in our 2018 class who made it this year. I felt honored, and the graduation party will be exquisite. My family was there, and close friends were close. As we toss and eat to enjoy the ceremony. I can’t help but feel a new beginning has just dawned on me, With new realities and this graduation just but a door. I am welcoming the new Blessings with open arms and am so glad to have them. A new year, new dawn. Thank you.


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