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“I really think you can manifest your dreams. You can manifest your destiny. If you want something hard enough and you are willing to work for it, i think you can get it. I truly believe that.” Billy


5 thoughts on “Today’s Quote

  1. I’m not so sure about this, Kinge. I tend to think “Not so!” While I believe that hard work and determination are major factors involved, they are not the only ones: God says that we perish for lack of knowledge, especially in not knowing if our desire is God’s will or the will of the carnal man with desires that come from the flesh influenced by pride. Hinderances can come from demons in us and in other people. People have curses in their lives and no matter how hard they try, their efforts will be in vain until they seek God to get His help to break them, to cast out the demons inside and to bind the ones outside in other people. Through the name of Jesus and no other can we be set free.

    A note: God DOES want us to have our heart’s desires, and yes, we can have the pure ones inspired by His Spirit when we co-operate with Him doing things His way, not ours.
    ONLY God can save us from living for ourselves, and not for others and for Him. The question to all of us is: “Who shall we serve?”
    Something to think about, eh?
    Blessings and love…. MUCH love for you Kevin,

    1. Wow. Interesting perspective. True, we can be guided by ego and pride hence why we need to pass through God for his grace and guidance. The point about demons is good to, really hit home. Thank you for your sharing. Much love to you too ❤

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