Some say reality is an agreed-upon illusion
We then conform to the state of things as they exist
Others claim it is a construct
Subjective and not based on empirical evidence

We then float on the waves of consciousness.
Working our intuitions past the illusions
They then tell us that everything is energy.
Reality but an illusion. Leaving us confused in this paradox

Our realities sometimes lay heavy on our shoulders.
But not to despair as Hope begins at our worst
Faith, the white dove that feels light when the sky is still dim
Our today’s moments design tomorrow, and every tomorrow carries our past.

Being present, living in every moment, is freedom.
Because every choice we make shapes our destiny
And without the troubles and challenges we face,
We cannot know the good and its possibilities.

Boundless joy lies within grasp,
Our thoughts the gates to this possibility
But thoughts unchecked can also bring suffering and pain.
Learn to coexist within the laws of this reality

Image by Benjamin Elliot

11 thoughts on “Reality

  1. 《But thoughts unchecked can also bring suffering and pain.》

    We can so easily flip over and disregard until you see and face the consequences

    《Faith, the white dove that feels light when the sky is still dim》


      1. Mine, too Kevin. I never thought about faith having the propensity to “feel” light… Yes, it is sensed by the inner man knowing that revelation (light) is the power that undergirds it. Thank you so much for the white dove’s message and for the many others you’ve written that stimulate deeper thinking and faith. You are a blessing.

      2. It does ‘feel’ light many time. 🙂 thank you so much. I’m glad you liked the message. You are a blessing as well. May peace be with you❤

  2. Words that rhyme and reason are my favorite read ☀️☀️ I’m a reader by birth . That’s my preference as a seeker of knowledge seekers. Keep up the great work ☀️

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