Heart in conflict -Poem

The first organ to form, for it directs all the others
Pumping life through the body, circulating energy
Carrying nutrients and oxygen, removing wastes
Gratitude, we owe you, dear heart

The heart, our powerhouse
In whispers, it directs us in life
Guiding us through intuition and vibes
For The heart knows our desires and destinies

The heart brain is connected to the gut-brain and brain
Through the neurons, they all communicate
If you pay attention, magic you’ll see
Lost in life’s illusions, we miss it

There is a universal language that all things understand
The language of emotions through feelings
We feel and emote it to the world
Only the heart speaks emotions

The heart yearns for your attention
Longing for you to listen to it,
Waiting for you to speak to it

For speak to you, it always will

The heart always knows what it wants
And when fear creeps in to bring conflict and doubt
Whisper kindness to your heart and listen to it smile
For the heart knows that the fear of suffering,
is worse than the suffering itself
Open a new world by paying attention to your heart
The heart, like other organs, is very dear. It nourishes us and keeps us company plus so much more. Protecting us from danger and leading us back to our paths even without us knowing or acknowledging it. We should learn to speak to our heart and listen to it as the ancients did. This way, we will open a whole new world with flow and immeasurable joy. The heart will always speak. Even if we choose to listen to it or not. It is best to create a loving partnership with it, allow it, create and experience life’s beauty with it.
Image source
Β©Kevin Kinge

20 thoughts on “Heart in conflict -Poem

  1. My words are not sufficient
    So I went searching for a lyric
    To express my understanding and appreciation of the fusion of science and the spiritual guiding us through the role and the importance of most precious organ the heart that pumped the blood to undertake this journey called life.
    How we have neglected our hearts, this is a wake up call.

    The Heart
    Divine inspiration
    Instant consecration
    Mind and body fusion

    1. Wow.. your words are actually very sufficient. Yes indeed. We have neglected the heart and we should learn to bring our awareness to it over and over in time.

      Thank you for your comment and the lyrics. Very lovely πŸ™‚

  2. Having kind hearted nature is becoming a rare commodity and in fact the true richness in my views. It refers to the core being of our consciousness not the physical heart because consciousness is the heart of everything. Nice work. πŸ™

    1. So true. Especially on “Having kind hearted nature is becoming a rare commodity” we should train ourselves to be kind and be kind. Thank you for your comment.

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