Wandering Soul – Poem

The incorporeal essence of a living being
In its many Cyclic lifetimes, traversing the universe
In its wholeness, it forgets its identity
In its journey, learning and growing,
Hosted in different host bodies, but the same
Regaining awareness, connecting to the truth
Collecting information, taking it back to source
All the infinite number of souls, each unique
Carving their story in every experience
Every destiny written in the stars
Each soul star bright as long as the course is true
Guardians and angels by its side.
Although a lifetime may seem short
Unlimited potential lays dormant and ready.
With the beginning and end one and the same,
Infinity lays ahead

Image source
Β©Kevin Kinge

31 thoughts on “Wandering Soul – Poem

  1. The concept of consciousness is neatly defined in this poem. Such an interesting information to weave as a poetic form. Totally loved it. πŸ™πŸ™‚

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