Butterflies – Poem

Randomly they seem to fly
The wind effortlessly carrying them at will
With many quick stops,
The secret lies beneath their feet,
this is Where the taste buds are.
Always seeking the tastiest juices
With just a few weeks to live,
they seem to make the most of their moments.
They eat and mate and dance away,
coloring the world in different shades,
bringing joy at a moment’s glance
When the sun is at its peak,
and the cold winds start to blow,
they magically grace the lush green,
then I know the rains are near
In awe, I marvel at their playful dance 
A balance of Yin to the Yan environment
In their movements, the silence is loud,
In the delicate scaly wings, beauty reflects
Butterflies are gentle insects, and I find much bliss observing them. Especially from the backdrop of their previous life. From caterpillars bound on the ground to crawl and now free as birds and adorned with beauty. We can pick so much from this.

Image source
©Kevin Kinge

49 thoughts on “Butterflies – Poem

  1. Beautiful piece and I absolutely love butterflies. You describe them so perfectly. We have successfully grown milkweed in our bee and butterfly garden. Last year there was literally not a leaf left to eat. We watch a beautiful monarch come out of its chrysalis. We are excited for the process to begin this month. Love to your family. ❤️Joni

    1. Hey Joni. Thank you. We share their love. Wow, sounds so exciting being part of that process. It’s an amazing transformational process. May you enjoy this year’s. Much love ❤

  2. This lovely poem has such a delightful, whimsical flow to it…. so refreshing!
    I didn’t know that butterflies had tastebuds on their feet… I think we do too, when ours are shod with the gospel of peace tasting that God is good.
    Thank you for blessing me by your creativity and your love for creation.

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