Life is Rich

We are born in abundance then we grow and learn to see lack. Life is our greatest wealth and with it, we can enjoy an abundant life if we chose to.

The more we complain that we do not have money, the more it disappears. It seems unfair but it’s just the law in action, energy in motion, responding to feelings. I have struggled in this aspect and always working to grow and advance. It is said to those that have, more will be added and those who don’t have, some will be taken away. This is also in reference to joy, peace, love, wealth etc. One of the rules of abundant life is to affirm that you are abundant. There are many manifestations of wealth, that are not necessarily money such as love, peace, friendship, nature, pleasing emotions, and many more. Rich is a way of viewing life. We should learn to view the world with a friendly eye.

“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.”

― Steve Maraboli,

We need to learn to believe in luck, flow, and goodness even if sometimes the reality seems tough. This way we remain in the flow. If we look deeply, there’s always something to be grateful for however small. Struggling is hard work and causes pain. We are always in a struggle when we step out of the flow.

A positive attitude goes a long way. All good ideas that serve humanity and self, have positive energy. Following a plan in this direction aligns you to flow. You meet the right people, are always in the right place at the right time and you experience flow in motion. However, putting effort is natural to attain a goal but negative emotion laced with effort brings struggle. We have to accept that we make mistakes sometimes and it’s okay, it’s all a learning process. With this, we practice patience and accept that things take time to materialize and if we remain true to the cause they eventually manifest.

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”

― Anthony Robbins

The struggle comes from a lack of awareness of self and poor-quality information plus an inability to turn back when it’s necessary, instead we should be fluid. We need to be ready for opportunities and deliberately prepare for them, this way we are in the abundant flow. Embrace the beauty and abundance all around us, find joy in the little acts within the day, be more mindful and present from moment to moment, this way we welcome abundance our way.

Teachings by Stuart Wilde in the 10 laws of Abundance.
Image credit Jen Theodore on Unsplash

67 thoughts on “Life is Rich

    1. Welcome. Sometimes we get lost in the rush of the world and forget to pause and see the beauty and abudance all around.. Glad you resonate with it. Thanks

    1. Well summed up. Thank you🙂, glad you relate to the post and keep spreading your gratefulness making the world a brighter place to be 🌻

  1. The flow of your words carry a breeze and fragrance with them that is captivating like a kiss by a lover’s lips.
    May you know that you and your words are greatly appreciated.

    When I read the title of your writing, “Life is Rich,” I thought of the Lord Jesus saying: “My words ARE life”… For me, there are no greater riches than that. Have you found anything better Kinge?

    1. I would like to add another thought: You and I are a brother and sister in Christ, not lovers here on earth, but in the Spirit, all who know our Lord are lovers because the Spirit of God loves us through each other. In the Spirit we know love, ecstasy and have access to all knowledge and wisdom. We create life on earth from that high realm calling forth the things that are not as though they are. Yes indeed, this is “life and it more abundantly.”

      1. Very illuminating. Indeed We are all one in spirit, and that which is not seen his far greater than that which is. The depth in your lines is humbling, thank you for this addition. Many Blessings and peace 🌻

    2. Your words are so kind and generous. Thank you for your appreciation. I agree with you, life in Christ and within the word is an abundant life and the ultimate end. Journeying back to God is the ultimate fulfilment in a contented life

    1. Thank you, I appreciate your feedback and glad you find the article helpful. Welcome and sending positivity and abundance your way.

  2. IT IS TRUE THAT PEOPLE WHO ALWAYS CRY FOR MONEY, WILL LOSE MORE OF IT.,AND THOSE WHO ARE FILLED WITH IT, MORE OF MONEY WILL FLOW TO THEM. (take for example why people die to become corporators, MLC and MLA,’s and ministers. it is only for money and Nepotism and not to help others.

    1. It’s a true fact. We go around it wrong. We chase instead of aligning, we grab and take instead of offering value in services or other then enjoy a handsome compensation from the value offered or created. And yes, many hide behind just justifications in the pursuit for money to these days.

      1. THIS I SM WRITING TO BRING ABOUT HUMOUR AND NOT TO MOCK AT YOUR ENGLISH. way back in 1950-1968, my brother was crazy about Films being screened in Theatres, and there by he contacted cinema Theatre Managers, and with their co-operation, film wooden boards were erected near our provision shop for exhibition of films, that were being scrrened in the various theatres from time. to time. For erecting the boards and the film posters, the Management of theatres, would give free ‘passes’for which we did not have to pay any entry fee, but it was restricted to time basis, i. e., immediately we were not allowed to view the Films within 3 days of exhibition of films in Theaatres. The fee, for entrance was rs 3 to 5 rs at that time. without knowing once it happened that i took one of the pass and went to view an English film, that was screened just 2 days back alone. Then the procedure, was to obtain the signature on the pass before enteri g the film theatre. The manager started arguing with me saying that it was not permitted. Then during discussion i told him it is a ‘true fact’ that i had come a few days. back only and hence i should be ‘allowed’to view the film. Then he askec me in which goes, i was being educated. when i told hiim it was ann English school by name Good shephered convent. Then he said. ” Dont think you are a professor of English” you are uttering ‘True fact’which is wrong. In fact ‘fact’alone should be used and not ‘True fact’.

  3. So wonderfully said, how true and yet why so hard at times. We all have our trials and hard not to think of Paul. When Paul asked God to take away his discomfort basically, God told him his Grace was enough.

    This has lifted me up today so thank you my friend. Very positive and you are right about money too. Beauty comes in living life and experiencing the beauty in it.

    Thank you for the lift this morning. Blessings to you and your family. Love to you and yours. Joni ❤️🤗

    1. It’s said that life is a balance. There’s nowhere we can go and not find both suffering and joy. And as Daniel did when faced with challenges, he chose to turn his back against the lions and focused on the light, on God. We can do the same and choose to focus on the little good even in the middle of troubles.

      I’m glad the article warmed you. Yes, there’s beauty in life. Many Blessings to you and your family ❤😊

      1. So true my friend. You are right and I love the story of Daniel. I can’t imagine the great faith of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abebnego walking into that furnace of fire. I often question my own faith in my mind. Would I be burned alive at a stake, have my hands and feet cut off or be sawed in half before denouncing Our Lord and I hope I would not. I hope that I would have the faith to trust in God that he would not give me more than I could bare. How would we do with such a test. I pray I would be as brave. Great post I really enjoyed it. Love to you and your family. 🦋🤗❤️

      2. Life in a way is a series of tests. Many times our faith gets tested and faith is a life long lesson. I’m sure we will prevail stronger in faith and trust. Many Blessings to you ❤🤗

  4. Being humans we tend to lose patience with ourselves and your posts showers positive thoughts of hope. we are given what is deserved and it is important to value our life. The act of appreciation is the key. Nice information Kevin 🙏

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