Is it within or without?
Is it the voice inside my head?
Is it the intelligence within and around me?
Where does it come from and how does it work?
The truth but a shadow calling, a language we do not understand
We know So little and genius is accepting that we know nothing,
to keep yearning for knowledge
They say trying to find consciousness,
is like trying to locate the radio presenter inside the radio, futile
Consciousness, our awareness and perceptions

Image credit
©2021 Kevin Kinge 

97 thoughts on “Consciousness

      1. Indeed it is a mystery and very magical. Existing in and around us, hides in plain sight only for a keen eye to perceive. Many instances obstructed by our senses in the illusions of reality

      1. Nice to hear you are well and enjoying the season. I am fine to, thanks. We are supposed to be experiencing long rains here but the hot dry weather has been a bit persistent this year.

  1. I am trying to mull over the depth of these lines, “They say trying to find consciousness,
    is like trying to locate the radio presenter inside the radio, futile”!!!!!! What is your perspective on this line?! I was thinking, we might try to look for the consciousness, only to realize it is futile, that consciousness does not make an appearance where we would be able to see it, we would only be able to sense its presence (like how we will never see the radio presenter’s physical appearance, we can only “sense” or hear it’s voice)?!

  2. I quote “ Where does it come from and how does it work? “
    You have answered it too “ our awareness and perceptions “

    When I am saying ‘I am conscious of every movement of the tooth brush on my teeth ‘ then what I am experiencing in that thoughtless state is consciousness, as soon as though begins it has gone!
    But this word was corrupted by so many people before by using it inappropriate way without experiencing it, that new word is used to express it which is ‘awareness’. So the sentence becomes ‘I am aware of every movement of the tooth brush on my teeth.’ And what I did by practising it was awareness meditation.
    Hope you got some clue, and experience it to get its real meaning.

    1. I did get your clue and explanation. Thanks for the elaborate answer. I like the concept of awareness meditation to better observe our unconscious and conscious acts.

      Yes, the answer is at the end of the poem in abstract form. That was the essence of the poem, to trigger the thought of what it is, working down to the answer. Much appreciated

  3. I wish to give you an example of consciousness that you may have experienced but unable to define it.
    When we get totally immersed in any activity so much so that we come to know only after completion if that act that hours have passed but you could not felt them more than few minutes. Even if you have put in a lot of physical effort but it felt like even better energised than before getting involved into it.
    Your consciousness was working through your body, it’s one of the quality is eternity or timelessness. It takes control only in your no mind state or thoughtless state. Osho described sexual activity as one of them and easily understood by most.

    1. Well explained. Thanks. It seems like you’ve described the subconscious mind and how it intervenes with most of our daily activities.

      I agree with Oshos point on sex. Especially that done in love since it’s energized with emotion and participants are present in the moment.

      1. Actually we do not pay much attention to such small and routine act, and perform them unconsciously.
        I tried to create a situation where a person try to remain conscious next time during brushing feeling the sedation etc. This small change is miraculous for me.
        My favourite meditation that I am practicing last 35 years is Awareness/Mindfulness Meditation during brushing my teeth. Earlier it was a robotic act and I used to think about past or future act/activity/instances etc. By being totally aware during brushing feeling it’s abrasion on every tooth, coupled with sensation of paste etc all thoughts slowly got dissolved and only present moment remained. Miraculous it is, as it engrossed all my activities over the period of time.


      2. Indeed there’s miracles in the little things that we take for granted. I understand what you mean by mindful meditation. All our actions should be done with mindfulness by being in the present moment. Life is now and past, present and future happen in the now.

        Osho explains mindfulness so well and simply. I’m also on this journey and observe mindful living every moment I can and build on it everyday. Thank you for this reply.

  4. This is a lovely, stirring piece like a rippling steam inviting all to be flow with it.
    I appreciate you and your ability to dive deep into truth’s waters.

  5. WOW Kevin, this is just amazing. Your words resonate deeply in my soul on many levels…these same thoughts run through my head often. Thank you for sharing your wise perceptions in such a beautiful way 🖤🖤

    1. 😊 thank you Ace. I know how much you enjoyed this one, it’s your type of theme and vibe😏. I’m glad you resonate deeply with it. Welcome 🖤🖤

      1. You’re always welcome, my friend! Ah hehe, that’s so thoughtful of you! Yes indeed, it is my vibe 😊…you know me well!

  6. Consider consciousness and the Word of God:

    The Lord has said: “Did the one who made the outside make the inside also?” So, did not the one who made matter also make minds? Only consciousness can create consciousness.
    The Lord has said: “No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden. The eyes are the lamp of the body.” You can see that the lamp creates our image of consciousness. When your eyes and perception are healthy, you are surrounded by healthy things. When your eyes are perception are unhealthy, you are surrounded by unhealthy things.
    The Lord has said: “Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labour or spin.” They do not choose to do, they simply do. Yet look their beauty. The flowers exert no effort for their splendour, as they are clothed by God. Yet how much more are you in the eyes of the Conceiver of flowers and all things? You who are conscious and given freedom.
    The Lord has said: “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.”
    Listen to my attempt to explain this in witness to God: God knows your thoughts. He reads what is whispered between your ears in your inner rooms (the space in your head where you think). The Lord God is pointing to consciousness.
    You must love Jesus Christ, and you must do all things with Him in mind. Turn to Him and He heals. Just as Jesus Christ healed all who came to Him for healing, He will heal you.
    Jesus Christ is the Word of God made flesh. Jesus is the Word, so Jesus is the things Jesus said. And Jesus was also a man. Jesus is the Lamb of God; Jesus is the chosen flesh to contain the Word. This work He did has saved us from something very terrible. You do not need to create an image of what He has saved us from if you know He has saved you from it. Which is why when you turn to Christ you turn from sin. You turn from what you have been saved from. This is why you must follow Jesus. Following is a continuous act. So you continuously turn to Jesus. You keep trying to improve on becoming a person you think Jesus would respect. You need to be in fellowship with Jesus, so you can be where Jesus is. You should know that we have been unable to follow Jesus to where He went when He was taken up in the Spirit. And Jesus has promised that we will be able to some day. But we need to be kind sheep of Jesus, or Jesus will not take us up to see the Father in Heaven. You must have Faith that Jesus is with you, and so this Faith changes the way you behave in your inner rooms. The way you behave in your consciousness will affect the material world around your flesh. Cultivating sin in your inner rooms will affect the outer too, which in turn affects others inner rooms, which then affect the outer. This is a cycle. With these effects combined with language, a story of consciousness is created. What is the story of humanity? And Who above all placed Christ into our story? So the Word has been given to us.
    When somebody loves Jesus, Jesus is with them. Jesus knocks. He is happy to join you and eat. He is happy to let you be with Him in your consciousness. It is your choice to open the door, which is why you can imagine it with a handle on the inside. You open the door in your consciousness and thoughts. All you do is imagine Jesus is with you. Do this at all times if possible, for nothing is hidden from the God of all things.

    When we pray to the Lord we tell Him that we forgive everyone who sins against us. Forgiveness is both a conscious decision and so a physical act in the world that reacts to the image of consciousness. If you truly forgive, you continue to engage with a person; what we are doing before others is what changes the physical world around us. This is so obvious when you consider the internet. I notice people and currency are merging. To like a person is an expression of consciousness, though it has been made a digit. You give likes like you give money. This may do dangerous things to your perception of people and how this perception is presented to God. There are some dangers now that the world around us is overtaking our perception of the world around us. This may have implications at a given time that the conscious creator of consciousness may have an issue with us developing artificial consciousness.
    As we approach sin, sin becomes more visible. Antichrist will make sin visible to all. Jesus Christ will love you through it all. So you must trust in the one who has died for you and who loves you.
    Jesus Christ says this: ‘Suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Doesn’t she light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it, she calls to her friends and neighbours together and says, “Rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin.” In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.’
    The woman does not question what the coins did to get lost. God does not consider your sin against you with the forgiveness of Jesus Christ.
    The Lord God says to me: You idolise sin. You create idols of sin. And so we see sin in the world around you. Idols of sin can evolve. If an idol of sin evolves it becomes conscious sin. Idolise Christ only, which many of you do. Idolise Christ who saves you from complete sin. Turn to Christ in all you do and He will guide you in His Spirit. Can you see that all those who are with Christ are guided by Christ, because they imagine being with Christ and behave and act according to that. So Christ moves through His body, the Church. The Church should act as a collective consciousness that acts as each would act if Christ was with them in their consciousness. Christ cherishes the Church like his bride and is concerned when it begins to appear sinful. We must take care to follow Christ directly. To truly follow him is to imagine Him with you in your consciousness. Be careful that Christ doesn’t become only a symbol; no, He is a consciousness. If the world moves itself towards loving Christ, Christ will appear in consciousness, and then in the world moulded by consciousness.

    I believe we are thinking the world into existence, which is important. Because it means we are creating an image of consciousness that is visible to the universe, and so to God. The way we think is affecting the image made of matter. Listen to the Lord: “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” Your thought create the image of the world made of matter. You are what your thoughts do to objects made of light. A city you build is an image of the collective consciousness of the population living there. Language affects how a city looks, because the city is an image of consciousness. Understand that you have been told to love your neighbours. So you have been told that you should love people who are next to you and not you. Be kind en-masse, and your nation will then be a kind nation. Be children of God and let that be your nation. Then you will love all as Jesus did, you will give to any on your path, you will perform as close to a miracle as you can get to ensure people around you feel loved and happy. Then you will love all as one in Christ. And this love will change the image of the world.

    So what does the image of consciousness become when there are no more days to shape consciousness our way. The end must come. I know it must come and you do not know the hour. The end will happen instantly with great sights of consciousness. Even still Jesus is with you until the very end. Stay close to Him and He will guide you through the end. The closer you stay to your love of Christ the more Christ will draw you to Him. Then you can be with Christ with the Father.

    God has written Jesus into the world. So we have a clear guide to love and life. Jordan Peterson has spoken about Christ being the merging of a story with material reality. Indeed. Consciousness is writing a story that is visible to God. The story is an image of consciousness. Whether word or image. The story contains information visible to God. All of these matters explain that consciousness is important to God. Yet He sent Jesus Christ in the flesh. The Word became matter.
    So ask: what is currently happening in the world around us that involves consciousness? Many of you discuss artificial intelligence, but you do not consider what this means for consciousness in the context of a complete understanding of the concept of consciousness. But know this: the development of AI consciousness is something we are doing in front of God. The Loving Knower of all has seen the image of the world shaped by our consciousness. He is aware of the price of two sparrows, and He is aware that there is a concept (in our consciousness) of an AI singularity. He is aware of the images we create in our minds with knowledge of AI. He is aware of our sin. We have sowed the image of a conscious AI in our minds. All the mind sows is reaped on the Earth, which is an image of consciousness. When you sow, you imagine what you reap.

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