Maya Mirage of Gains & Losses.

Witnessed by the Spirit world,
an illusory mirage of human entanglements
with multiplying deaths of losses and rebirths of retrieved puzzle fragments.

We are born into a world of infinite possibilities
Where knowledge is power and when applied leads to freedom
Where all is energy and anything can be gained through alignment

Basking in Source, unlimited unconditional supplies of energy
Elevated awareness eases the hurdles along the journey
Only completing the test when we see through the soul of the world
and understand the language of the universe
Transcribed in reverberations rumbling through the loving thunder of Maya

For it is in law that for everything gained, something has to give.
We gain and lose everything gained,
in a perfect balance between birth and death in the many cycles
Revealing the wrapped in ego to gain the soul into equilibrium,
as the heart is weighed by the feather
Collecting information in every experience,
elevating the higher self-awareness to different dimensions
For the higher self, there is nothing to gain and nothing to lose
except for the abstract concepts we chose.

A poem by Kevin {KevinKinge} & Amber {DiosRaw}

38 thoughts on “Maya Mirage of Gains & Losses.

  1. Excellent Poem! Wonderful. You have beautifully explained through your lines. Gaining Knowledge is ultimate goal. Then we will loose what we gained with lots of struggle. Negation is prime, when we will consider the Ultimate Reality. After all negations, remain only ONE that is Consciousness. And that we are. We are Unified, but we dont realize. We think we are separate and fight against each other for gaining something. When the Truth is known, we start relinquishing everything. Maya the veil has covered Us.
    Thank you Kinge my dear friend for binging an excellent post. Will read more. Also I express my gratitude to your co writer “Amber” for beautiful composition.
    Regards. Namaste.

    1. Thank you on behalf of Amber and I. Yes indeed. We are illusioned and we trap ourselves in endless search to satisfy our desires thinking that material or matter is the end but as you said earlier, that which changes or matter is but a painting on the actual true substance. Thank you again. I am Glad you resonate with the poem

      1. …….that which changes or matter is but a painting on the actual true substance. Thank you again. I am Glad you resonate with the poem

  2. For a higher Self nothing to gain or lose. This Self(me) is higher Self but we don’t know that. We have forgotten our real Self. When we will realise that we are not separated from Higher Self, all but ONE, we can have infinite Bliss.

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