Spiritual Dimensions

A poem by Kevin {KevinKinge} & Amber {DiosRaw}
Formless yet form dimensional space adhering to scaled indeterminates
Beyond time and space there exist a great void,
where nothingness and potential thrive.
Learning curves humongous passing through embryonic dualities
In the spiritual dimension,
we are part of the all as we become conscious of the one mind.
In the third dimension, we limit energy and its potential
Through manifested and un-manifested planes
There is a spiritual dimension in everything
Stretching us to look at angles and points from a different vantage,
garnering new gems and blessings
In our indefinable existence, we yearn for knowledge, energy, and grounding
And at every step, the spirit silently calls whispering gently and we listen,
we desire and to desire is to live
Once geometry had been an escape from the inefficiency of space
Spiritual beings having a human experience in the most beautiful garden in the universe called Earth.
And yet we do not inherit from our ancestors, we borrow from our children
Williamson said spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and acceptance of love,
spirituality is peace
Realizing the presence behind these words is the divine plan unfolding,
the knower and the known synergized

24 thoughts on “Spiritual Dimensions

  1. “we do not inheret from our ancestors, we borrow from our children”- beautiful line and wonderful poem. very insightful! thank you for your words

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