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You Manifest Who You Are

We attract what we are into our life not what we want. To manifest something, we have to become it first. We have to be in alignment with the thing desired. Connecting to God, strengthening our faith, and ability to believe change’s our awareness. We then become certain of what we want to manifest. “All of us can manifest and attract anything we want in our livesNeville Goddard

We are capable of attracting all the things that the source is capable of attracting. Life is like a delicate balance and everything is happening for us when we allow it to. The Divinity all around only responds when we become. It is our goal to connect to our original nature which according to Lao Tzu 500 BC; is Reverence for all of life, gentleness, kindness, and service to others. When we get to a place where we do not have any criticism or judgment towards others, we achieve it. Beat your senses to your limiting thoughts and beliefs. Do not associate with low vibrations such as saying I am depressed because by saying I am depressed you become depressed. This is a continuous life lesson, I have struggled with the same but I keep faithful to the end goal, ignoring the struggle in the journey since it’s just temporary.

We are love, we are children of God. Say to yourself right now and every day; I AM well, I AM Happy, I AM content because you become what you place after the I AM. Place into your imagination what you want and assume the feeling of that wish already fulfilled and transform your life in each present moment.
Teaching By Neville
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37 thoughts on “You Manifest Who You Are

  1. Very true, what we are today is our thoughts, intentions in the past, so this in tern can apply for future, what we now think & act that we manifest tomorrow. So, this what famous saying indicate; our life in our hands. In fact the extension of this concept is, the philosophy of ‘Law of Karma’. Thank you for nice post Kevin.

    1. Very well put and so much truth in your comment. We truly are by large, in control of our lives by the choices we make in each moment. Thank you

  2. Amazing post Kinge!!👏🔥 Affirmations are indeed very powerful and we should use them wisely and to our advantage.

    Thanks for sharing Kinge, have a blessed day❤

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