Journey To Infinity

For eons, we have journeyed, yet our paths are not defined but the end is known
Stacked in ethereal libraries of the Akashic records in a multidimensional reality
Made of a thousand stars in the millions of light year travel
In timelessness, wandering the spatial deserts of multiverses
Nomads of the vast expanse
The micro and macro of the cosmos imagination
Shapeshifting, collecting experiences
Eternal beings teasing hide and seek with itself,
We live, love, and die, with an infinity of forever awaiting
As supernovas catalyze the morphing into the next existence
In an ever-expanding universe, where everything that is, is alive
Animated by esoteric unknown yet familiar causes and effects
Dividing making a reduced copy of the original in the expansion
Abandoning the homeland of meaning, words find new shelter,
a constant call echo’s
All connected in a common language, emotion
for at the center, all is vibratory energy, emotion
Crafted by the creator’s formless palpable hand,
endowing all being’s a gift of a resonance
welcoming home to source; layer upon layer of dimensional magnetized uplifting.
By Kevin {KevinKinge} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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