Ego Trip

Casting spells and nets over humans and God lies the ego games
yet spirituality can be worn as a badge, decorating the layers of drama veiling.
Within the five senses, the ego hides, completing the perfect illusion-reality. Creating separation from self, forgetting life stems from the spirit
The ego trip, the thief of the spiritual journey, the longer you trip, the more vigorously your spirit will be yearning.
Blindly we exist guided by the ego’s eye, lusting for temporal gains
the spirit lurking desperate to help, behind the blinders we’ve put on its third eye.
Ego minefields wounded self-constructed unconscious identities refracting drama to keep up the self-perpetuating myth of “me”
A perfect illusion in a paradoxical reality, of parallel worlds tuned by shifting perceptions. One with the ego, the harder you try to separate yourself from ego the deeper you fall only balance and grounding illuminates the path
Pending, the ego is vacated, naked and undressed, bare of all its seducing garments. The wondrous, multifaceted serenity of the simultaneous now buried betwixt past, present, and future embedded in the meta-story, revealed, within the hyper mind of the abstracted formless indefinable all.

~By Kevin {KevinKinge} & Amber {DiosRaw}
This poem is a collaboration with Amber trying to understand the mystery of the ego and our connection to it. It is my first poem collaboration and would really appreciate hearing your thoughts about it. Also, visit Ambers’ page for more poetry and insightful articles. 

27 thoughts on “Ego Trip

  1. I know one who, not bound by 5 senses became prisoner of ego and led many into his rebellion.
    Ego is strong, very strong and maintains many in chains but thanks be to the Lord, ego has
    to bow down front of free will.
    Yes my friend we can choose to ignore and dismiss ego today.
    Very good piece of work which made me think.
    Well done both 🙂

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