Like a restart to my mind, the conscious mind awakes. I wonder where I’ve been while in the deep sleep state? All I know is my body rejuvenated, my spirit renewed. That the higher self is, and the one mind permeates all.
I open my eyes and perceive my surrounding. The Sunrays fill the room, welcoming the day. The birds chirping and the cars passing outside bring the day to life. As I lose the warmth of my bed, I think of a hot shower after a brief cardio.
My taste buds linger at the thought of a hearty breakfast, smelling the fried eggs and coffee, already grateful for the day.
Imagining the days happenings before they happen, sets the vibration and tone of perception
Imagination, one of the greatest gifts. With wonder, like a little child, I am amused at this magic. If it’s magic, can it be real?
The senses are what make our reality, and perception of the world real. They perceive our environment. The mind helps in the Interpretation of the surroundings, recording, and retrieving information. The world, a variation of vibratory frequencies. There is a mention of these senses in passing. They are God’s gifts and life a Blessing.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon  on Unsplash
ยฉ2021 Kevin Kinge 

17 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. This is beautiful. Imagination is surely the most beautiful gift we have as a human being accompanied by our senses to perceive that imagination we create on our mind to feel the magic of life.

    1. Yes, I Wish to use it more to, and create a more beautiful outcome for everything we imagine already exist, we only have to give it energy and action to manifest it.

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