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We live in a world full of choices. Our beliefs are one of the many choices we have. We can choose to build empowering beliefs and remove all limiting beliefs for growth or remain the same. Beliefs are very strong and our internal behaviors or patterns are created by our beliefs. The only beliefs that are worthwhile are those that will get you from where you are to where you want to go. It’s a binary choice of sorts, like a computer code either zero or one. You can choose to be around positive people or negative ones, love or fear and hate. This is possible by being conscious and present from moment to moment.

We mostly focus on what we don’t have most likely without being conscious about it. It’s important to break these habits because they create limiting beliefs. Adopt a practice of being grateful, gratitude helps one be in the present moment and it creates more grateful moments. Appreciating whatever you have however little you think you have and you will attract more abundance. It is a stepping stone to your end goal; you simply just have to start somewhere. Use the law of relativity and compare your life, your current situation to others, or where you were a while ago before you began on your journey of consciously creating, being present, and aware. You’ll realize that yes, some have more than you but even many more don’t have what you’ve been blessed with, you’ll also notice your growth over time however slow it might seem. By appreciating what you have, you choose to be present and to tune in to the right space/vibration.

Every moment is a chance to make a choice; either a good choice or a bad choice, to choose whether to act on the choice made or just sit on it. We have a chance to recreate ourselves in every moment, with every choice.

“We are our choices.”

― Jean-Paul Sartre.

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27 thoughts on “Choices

  1. 💜 My “CHOICES!!!”, My DECISIONS!!! Determine My Experience of 3D; here in Our Shared 3DEnvironment…yet I May Perceive of SomeThing as UNFAIR!!! when The Reality is This; there is also SomeOne Else who THINKS!!! They ARE Doing THE RIGHT THING!!! however Evil it May Seem to Me…there ARE NO!!! Excuses here; there is just Simply and Complexly Reasoning and Rationalising about Our IrRational, Bad Behaviour aka MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) that have NOT!!! yet Been Admitted, Acknowledged and Addressed


    1. True, we are responsible for our reality to some extent and yes, we disagree or don’t see the same on Many things due to our different perspectives pushed by varying level of awareness. A need to better understand ourselves and the reality around us is key. Thank you for your essential contribution.


        💜 OK EveryOne This Question is Going to be Pretty UpSetting for Most of YOU!!! so prepare to DRY YOUR FUCKING EYES!!! after Cleansing Crying YOUR!!! Tears Out; especially BOYS!!! who ARE NOT!!! Men Unless They ARE Totally UnAfraid to Cry It ALL Out

        🧡 Why do YOU!!! Complain; when a Simple Solution is to CHANGE YOUR FUCKING EXPECTATIONS!!! to SomeThing YOU!!! ARE Able To Do RIGHT NOW!!! Why 🤔 ?

        ❤ Here’s where YOU!!! May Find a Possible Answer;


  2. I love this, Kevin!! It’s filled with deep truths and powerful reminders to us all!! Amazing write, my friend!! 🖤🤗

  3. Love the Sartre quote and it’s PURE TRUTH❣️

    When I first embraced this awesome power of choice, I realized it wasn’t just the big decisions but the string of choices I make all day that shapes my life.

    I chose to be responsible for every little choice and not blame others for my circumstances. And as intimidating as it seemed it was liberating to know my destiny was shaped by me and my dedication to growing stronger and more capable of making healthy choices was the key to peace and joy❣️

    Great post Kevin. ❤️🤗

    Ps. Been thinking about the recovery from the fires 🙏❤️

    1. It’s a powerful realization when we truly embrace this concept. That we are living our choices.

      Yes, it pushes us to be more present in every moment and embrace a life of gratitude since it’s the highest form of existence and nothing bad can come out of gratitude.

      I’m glad we are sharing In this beautiful journey of self discovery and awareness. May peace and gratitude be with you at all times.

      Thank you Teri ❤, the fires were a huge dent, but everything is getting better everyday. Gradual but grateful for the little steps. Thank you again 🙂🌻

  4. Excellent post . So many things in it are important. For me the being around positive people is something of primary importance. Without that the rest is futile as your forward momentum will be stolen by the negative Nellies.

    1. Thank you Anne. True, the energies that are around us and those that we carry determine a lot about how our reality will be, they shape our experiences and since we have a choice on shaping our future outcomes, it’s always best to choose positivity and gratitude every chance we get.

  5. Your food for thought has been simmering in my brain’s cooking pot with my adding some of my own tidbits, blending, stirring and tasting with delight. There is nothing better than contemplation, so I say “Bon appetite!” to the mind.
    This is a little of what I’ve been cookin’ for you to chew on: Most of us have heard that we have “our own free will,” but the question I asked and now ask you is “Do we?” I think of the Apostle Paul saying that the things he wanted to do, he didn’t, and the things he didn’t want to do, he did. Paul also made the statement that all the amazing things he did was by God’s “grace.” The Bible says that it is God Who works to will and to do in us. Hmmm, eh? How most of us tend to judge ourselves and others by the choices we make, but God looks at our hearts. Oh that we could all see what’s behind choices and actions and cease judging ourselves and others amiss.
    I can see love and the desire for the betterment of others shining through your words Kinge. You are like a star’s light beaming truth on our path that gives us understanding. This wisdom-filled word especially, has the Northern star’s brightness in it: “By appreciating what you have, you choose to be present and to tune in to the right/space vibration.” Truly, those of us who tuned in to your blog are vibrating right now.

    One on the things that I deem as most important in making choices is the need to consult God. I’ve learned that no matter how wonderful our goals may be, they might not be what’s best for us. One thing I do know of a certainty is that our choices, good and bad, can not prevent God from accomplishing what He planned for us from before the foundation of the world. How we waste time and bring sorrow into our lives in thinking of all that we should/could have done and regretting all the things we’ve done that we wished we hadn’t. I believe it’s time for us to delight in who we and others are… even “learning ones” who have needed both good and bad experiences to form our character and uniqueness. We have been created in His image and though it may take ages for some, in the end we shall be just like Him. The Word of God plainly states that “Jesus Christ is the Savior of ALL men, especially of those that believe.” 1Tim. 4:10 Each one of us was made for His pleasure and purpose.
    Thank you for writings and poetry that have the style and grace of a ballerina’s dance in them. They have enriched and delighted me.
    God bless you and bless you more, my treasured brother.

    1. Your comment adds more clarity to the topic. True, there is always a higher power in everything that We do and all that exists. Asking for God’s help in our plans is Faith and blessing the situation before it happens. And as you’ve pointed out, we might make our own plans but God already knows what’s best for us and He will do according to His will. I have a question on this and will appreciate your insight. Qn. What if we plan to do good, and by ignorance make a wrong choice, was is meant to be this way?

      I also know there are many perspectives to life and a closer look at it reveals it’s paradoxical nature. Free will in this case a difficult topic to comprehend. Are our lives outcome already cut out for us or are there different realities which we can tune into depending on our level of awareness within our journeys? Paul’s illustration of the gives good clarity to.

      I appreciate your kind words, teachings and appreciation. Many Blessings to you too. ❤

      1. What a privilege it is to communicate with you Kinge.I always feel like it’s treasure hunt time with you. When I was a little girl we went on make believe hunts looking for lions… Now it’s looking for truth and knowledge from the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. So here goes with one foot into the jungle of ideas:
        The translators of the Bible failed to distinguish the difference between the Greek words “Thelema” (God’s will) and “Boulema” which is His plan. Fortunately we can recognize what each are in the story of Samson and other stories as well, but I shall use Samson’s as a prototype: God’s will for Samson and for all the people of Israel was for them to choose wives from among the daughters of their brethren, but instead, Samson chose his own will to have a wife of an uncircumcised Philistine. This was not “cut out.” He made his choice freely and was not coerced by God or anyone else, but the plan of God for him most definitely was meant to be and was unchangeable. God knew beforehand what Samson would do and planned accordingly. In Judges 14: 4 reveals what God’s plan was stating that “it was of the Lord that he sought an occasion against the Philistines, for at that time the Philistines had dominion over Israel.” While Samson’s choice wasn’t God’s will, the Lord used it for good just like he used the evil that the brothers of Joseph did, what Pharaoh did, etc.

        Remember it was God who placed the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden. Man had no choice (no free will) about it being there, but men do have free will concerning the choices that are made regarding it. After Adam and Eve sinned, God said: “Man has become as one of us knowing good and evil.” I take this to mean that it was God’s plan that we experience good and evil through the choices we make so that we have the knowledge He has. I had never had this thought before so I’m interested in knowing what you think.

        You asked: “If we plan to do good, and by ignorance make a wrong choice, was it meant to be this way?” I think I have answered this, but your question brings to mind an important aspect to consider. God is always looking at our hearts and our motives behind our actions. Our purpose on earth is not to have a good life without suffering in it, but to please Him. Have you considered that sorrow makes the heart better? Perhaps we need to look differently at our bad choices and at what God is after in our lives. Take a look at Ecclesiates and see that most everything done on the face of the earth is vanity and vexation of spirit. If we don’t come to see life and our purpose of being here through God’s perspective, we will be in a state of confusion. So how do we get out of the jungle, eh?
        I have written an epistle on your blog, not a comment…. if I keep going, it will be a book.God help you, huh? concerning “garrulous” women.

        Bless you dear Kinge for inspiring me and making the hunts into the jungle of the mind and into the paradise of the spirit exciting adventures.

      2. Powerful introduction and symbolism. Yes, it answers my question. Just like in Solomon’s actions and those of Joseph’s brothers, God still turned the wrong actions into better situations or outcomes that will serve His will.

        And yes, we grow the most spiritually through pain. It makes ask question things and break out of limiting beliefs, quest for more understanding of God’s word and have the courage to live it. In life there cannot be joy without some form of pain, love without some form of hate because in the end they are the same thing just like darkness being the absence of light and vice versa. In a world of polarity, many things but half truths all we need to do is look deeper and find the balance.

        I would read your book and re-read it again🙂. Thank you for the feedback and Clarity. Many Blessings ❤

      3. You are like the Bereans (Acts 17: 11) who were more noble then others because they received the word readily.
        You bring me much pleasure Kinge.

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