Doubt is the absence of faith
Signifying a lack of trust,
a welcome sign to fear.

Self-doubt is the worst of it
As we become our block,
To growth and peace

We stop believing in the unseen
Forgetting Faith is the building block of life
Becoming doubting Thomas’s we stand in our way

Doubt comes as a whisper
Then manifests itself as chaos,
Bad decisions follow, retribution is regret.

We all know of doubt but barely understand the weight it carries until we live it. Its true meaning unfolds to us ever so slowly the older we get, and as our experience piles. It is good to overcome it before it manifests. Through the strengthening of our faith, practicing kindness and love to self and others.

55 thoughts on “Doubt

  1. You’re so right that doubt can start as something small, but morph into something so much deeper and more dangerous if we don’t address it. Faith in God, and holding onto the strength He provides, guides is through the darkness all the way to the light. We might need to conquer doubt hundreds of times as we go through life, but our rock is always there beside us.

    Peace to you my friend, and thank you for sharing. šŸ˜Š

    1. Well said my friend. Yes, by having a foundation to stand on, we prevail and win over doubt every time it manifests. Faith and action is important. Many Blessings and peace. Thank you to.

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