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Life is Now!

Often, we relate purpose to a future; where one going, what you are supposed to do, and what goals you have but this is an outer purpose. The most important purpose is finding and understanding your inner purpose. Inner purpose is aligning your life fully to the present moment. Aligning to what you are doing right now, even if it doesn’t seem relevant to the projection of your life. as Eckart Tolle said, be true to life by being true to this moment.

The shows that the means and the end are one. The end is not more important than the means, there’s always this one step that is primary and the end is secondary. If you do not respect the present moment and pay attention to it, be open to it, you are dishonoring life in a way and this is how you will experience your future because your future is an extension of now. Your state of consciousness now will determine your future manifestation and when that happens, it will be now.

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In everything that you do, give it your attention. Learn to feel the moment and be in it. Feel yourself when you are walking, talking, exercising, having a meal, or doing some work. Being present and participating at that moment will help you streamline your objectives and do what is of value, in the long run, giving you peace and achieving your desired growth. Your purpose right now is to be on this page, reading this article. If you do your best at this moment, you will create the next best moment. You experience the future as the now, Life is now.

Photo by Fernando Lavin on unsplash

29 thoughts on “Life is Now!

  1. Excellent writing and a great reminder to us all! I love this piece and your work as always!!! Sending you love πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ€—

    PS – I left a comment on Reality – Part 2…don’t know if you received it!

    1. Thank you😊. I appreciate your kind comment and sending love back πŸ–€

      I unfortunately did not receive your comment on reality – Part 2. Would have loved to read it and share your perspective. Thank you for the comment though. Peace.

    1. Welcome Morag and thank you. I am doing well. Things are getting better, there’s noticeable progress. The covid cases have reduced significantly, there’s ease of travel, business and schools are open, and the country is getting back to its feet. The covid restrictions and guidelines still apply though not too restrictive. We still have a 10pm curfew, rules on face masks, travel, hygiene and many more.

      How are you? Last I checked a few weeks ago, there was a new strain of covid in your country. I hope it was contained? How are things there?

      1. The numbers have been drastically reduced but now they are preparing for a 3rd wave. Restrictions have eased but it is still concerning. It does take a toll on one’s personal feelings of well-being which can be stressful but we personally are well. Thank you.

      2. Yes, it’s stressful. Take heart, in time things are going to be better. Glad to hear the numbers have reduced and restrictions eased.

        The preparation will help counter the 3rd wave, and the vaccines will be helpful?

        May you and your family keep safe, have a peaceful weekend.

    1. Thank you Cindy.😊

      I have just seen your Amazon review. I’m so glad you were able to get the book. I appreciate your reading, kind and honest review. Happy you enjoyed it to. Thank you so much πŸ’–

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