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We’ve come a long way on our technological journey from mailing to instant information and communication on your hand with internet and tech devices. With the fast-paced access to information, there’s also a sense of fast paced life that errodes our morals, cultures, and natural states just as fast. It’s a sad reality but the truth. Einstein could see this decades ago before the arrival of the computer or the internet. 

 It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. – Albert Einstein

In today’s world, social media plays a very huge role in our lives. For starters, it’s the greatest marketing platform there is. Meaning, social media in its self is power. Power to control and influence. With social media, there’s always an algorithm. They were first designed to make the platforms interactive and convenient for the users, then later optimized for profit. The algorithms play with our habits and patterns, knowing people like popularity, getting noticed and therefore, a desire for likes and views. (Its not bad but should have some balance to it). It, therefore, set a certain standard of behavior. Determines what kind of content gets the most views. The profit comes from traffic, and traffic is driven through this reward system of likes and views with a further step of monetization if you meet the requirements. The most ‘outstanding’ content has the power to pull a crowd and the numbers, plus repetition creates cultures with leaders who set the pace and control the crowds’ direction. A cycle is set at this point. To be at the top, to be a leader, you have to be the most outrageous or unique, and the whole crowd will turn your way. Be an influencer, then trend. 

Happiness, peace, and joy are relative. But we don’t measure success with these qualities. We mostly measure it in bank balances and assets. But in truth, truly successful people are grounded. Unlike the picture that’s being sold on social media of success. Of fast outrageous lives with little regard for morals. The Insta, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube kings and queens. One may argue that’s it’s an invented act supported and pushed for consumption by the algorithms moving us further from ourselves. 

We are all moved by news of danger; Hence, fear-based news sells the most. This is likely tied to our will to live. We want to know about the looming probably avoid it. We are now also pulled by outrageous news, maybe an evolved version of the fear analogy. Imagine jumping off a cliff, it’s something that would send chills down your spine, right? Now imagine normalizing jumping off the cliff to drive popularity due to the effect it has on people. If you ask me, this goes against our natural state. And if enough people start doing the same for kicks, it should raise an alarm. 

Sadly, we are at risk of losing our cultures, values, and societal morals but what’s worse is that the algorithms are designed to support this. Rank such content as favorable and even recommend it. What if those in charge of the social networks decide to change this? To stop pushing the algorithm to favor absurd content as the only content that can sell best. Of News that spreads fear and irrelevant trolls. I think they’ll still get as much traffic and make as much money at no cost. In the long-run promote peace, good values, and productivity in society. But when will we get enough of this and tire of this trend? I hope it is soon. Where creating value for others is rewarded or given more preference. And when the value created is applied, many more people benefit and this creates a ripple effect of growth and productivity. 

We should always believe in the value we create. Despite slow growth. The small consistent steps will one day become of cumulative significance. Cultures are made by the participation of individuals. We can choose to make a stand to make things better. Create new online cultures

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15 thoughts on “Algorithms

  1. Beautifully written, meaningful, useful and a heartwarming post. You are clear and aware about the present and hopeful of the future. Social media culture is somehow irritating but I think we can manage it.

    We have to select right options and avoid distractions. I don’t see my blog followers as a follower because they have their own blogs. I respect their writing and encourage them to be better next time. Thank you for the post friend.

    1. Thank you. Yes we can manage it. Being able to separate what is good for consumption, that which has no negative influence, and doing more of what benefits or is useful is important.

      I love the blogs because it’s a community that is pro- growth with wonderful people and positive vibes. The social media’s are also very good tools that are helpful if used and utilized the way. I appreciate your comment

      1. I have started my FB page today, I will post weekly. Otherwise, it looks noise than the voice.
        You know kinge, there is a gape between what I normally share on FB and on my blog. I have very close friends on FB(my childhood friends) and WordPress seems more open and useful.

  2. True and logical talk. But as you pointed out, algorithms and QueenB and KingA Influencers do not necessarily reflect values. What do we do?
    I guess we continue to pray and hope for an alignment and syncing of both (algorithms/influencers and moral/social values) sooner than later.

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