Yellow Buses

They are back, breaking the new standard of quiet morning’s
Loud engines and occasional loud hoots from the hasty drivers
Like a river of yellow, the yellow buses flow in and out of the stops.
Enthusiastically the children talk, excited for the new day.
Now all wearing little masks to keep the flu away.
Different uniforms forming beautiful patterns,
all neat and pressed
Boarding their respective yellow buses
It is only 6 am the birds have barely begun to chirp.
With the sun peeping on the horizon,
beautiful beams of yellow emerge.
The kids are off to school in their yellow buses.
It was just the other day when everyone was in fear of the pandemic
locked in the house, keeping safe distance
No yellow buses on the roads, Now the traffic and morning rush is back
The yellow buses at the front, are things back to what they were?

Photo credit
©2021 Kevin Kinge

Yellow buses – Poem

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