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2020 topped it on being the most unique of all the years I have seen this far. The pandemic made it different. Bringing the whole world to a halt. With new terms such as asymptomatic bouncing around, fears of spreading the virus forcing people to keep their distance, wearing masks, and staying at home. Aside from health risks, economies were also at risk. Losing my business, a true testament to how rough the situation was. At some point, the days felt like they were dragging into long months but looking back now. The whole year felt rushed. Despite the many tough situations, learning to live with new rules of curfews, social distancing, and face masks, there have been many blessings within the year too. 

Gratitude List

I will mention just a few things, but I am grateful for these and many more.

  1. Good health tops it for me. In a year marked by a viral pandemic. Millions losing their lives to it, and many millions suffering its effects. With horror stories of the many battles fought in the ERs and the ventilators’ nightmare. I am grateful to enjoy good health throughout the year. Grateful for the many minutes of calisthenics, morning runs, and evening cycling. They added up to long hours of fitness training cumulatively.
  2. Family and friends. Despite the small size of this network, the few that I have are true and real. I am glad.
  3. Personal growth. It has been a year of self-discovery. I have managed to reach new limits in mind, body, and spirit. 
  4. The many hours of online classes brought me closer to the completion of my studies. Thanks to the fast-changing technology accommodating these unprecedented times.
  5. My blog is one year old now. I have learned so much through the blogging journey. Improved my writing, read more, and discovered new niches such as poetry, which I never imagined myself doing before this year. Written two books and already published one. You can find it here
  6. Most importantly, I am grateful to God.

Acknowledging that life is a journey and every moment is either s lesson or a celebration helps me to learn to change my perspective in life. I now know that our perceptions determine our realities. We can choose to see a beautiful world with many trials on the way that can be overcome as opposed to a bad world with no good. We face many challenges in our days, and our reaction to them has a part in our next subsequent events. Life kicks sometimes are designed to push us towards change or help us learn a lesson. I have had so many kicks and tough situations to a point of questioning. What is the point of all the struggles that we have to endure sometimes? Narrowing down and focusing on the present moment over time has helped me push through many tough situations. Calming my mind by not focusing on past regrets and future worries. Embracing the idea that life is now, and change is constant.


I have learned that goals are our compass to living the lives we desire. They help us get to the destination with less time and struggle. I also learned about short-term goals and their importance, especially in achieving long-term goals. Having micro-goals is very important because it is the accumulation of the many action steps we do that lead to the attainment of the long-term goals. Every day, the little efforts that you put in are important. Do not ever feel unaccomplished or put down especially when you feel you are not progressing as fast. Know that whatever you want is on its way, and keep putting in inspired action. In 2020, I developed a healthy habit of having monthly micro-goals that are well thought of and align to the present journey, written and visible almost like a vision board for the month. This way, you are forced to think about them often in your day and therefore put some action towards their attainment however small the action may seem. 


Nurturing our minds plays a huge role in having a happy, fulfilled life. Everything has to be thought before it becomes. Having a positive thought pattern is essential. In many ways, our repetitive thoughts have a way of manifesting in our lives. They say thoughts become things. Going within and finding out our belief system is another essential. We normally have many beliefs, and some are empowering, but many are not. I found out I had very many of these disempowering beliefs and therefore purposed to replace them. We collect many of these beliefs from society, culture, family, and friends. They do not necessarily mean they work best for us. We often limit ourselves by setting setpoints and blocks in our lives hence standing in our way. We should then embrace good habits and values. As Gandhi put it beautifully;

Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny. 

Body and spirit

The most valuable thing you will ever own is your body. Why then should you not take care of your most prized possession? This is a question that shifted my perception on this topic. As we would take care of our earthly possessions, we should also put some effort into taking care of our bodies. Our bodies are magical. A cumulation of gifts. Imagine the wondrous of your five senses, then the unlimited potential of your mind, simply magical. The more we take care of our bodies, the better the body will take care of us. 

Our bodies are temples. I have purposed to learn and embrace this. There is Divinity all around us and within. All we need to do is pay attention. Prayers are powerful. They are links. When we pray, we commune with God. Faith is as important. Despite the churches being closed for the better part of 2020. My faith in God has grown deeper. Learning to see what I couldn’t before and knowing that love is at the center of it all.   


This new year holds so much promise for me. With a breath of new life and new milestones to achieve. May the foundations I have worked so hard to lay in the last few years bear fruits. I speak prosperity and peace to this year. May you have peace, may you attain what you dream of, may you expect and choose wisely. Always remember you have a purpose in the grand design. A blessing to others and yourself. Have a prosperous 2021

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    1. I’m humbled by your kind compliment and feel inspired to learn of the values I share being well received. Welcome and thank you 🙏🏻

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