Pigeon devotion – Poem

A symbol of love
With a touch of good luck
Friendly and calm, sweet and social
Your morning coos welcoming to the early sun
You mate for life loyal to the end
On losing a partner, suicidal you become
I saw you fly to the skies up high,
on decent, you closed your wings.
The other day I saw your friend fly,
at high speed directly into a windshield
Unbearable, the despair of losing a life partner 
A true display of devotion to love

16 thoughts on “Pigeon devotion – Poem

  1. What a visual and stunning piece and as you say of devotion. How sad for the bird. True love in a partner and devotion is a real blessing. I try never to take mine for granted. Thank you for sharing this. Love ❤️ Joni

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