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Have you ever second-guessed yourself? I do from time to time, especially on decisions that I know will affect a substantial part of my life. The second-guessing might be a gut feeling warning of a possible mistake, which is a good thing. There are, however, unhealthy indecisions. Where you stall from moving forward or towards the desired goal. Such indecision may be coming from a fear of failure which may be crippling to growth. We all like avoiding failure. But as much as we do, we should not give fear power over our lives by taking inspired actions, being a little courageous, and having some sprinkle of faith.

I was surprised to learn that indecision is closely linked to anxiety, worry, and depression and has been listed as a symptom of Major Depressive Disorder for decades according to this sourceIndecisiveness is defined as a maladaptive trait resulting in difficulty making decisions across time and situations. Fear of unknown bad outcomes contributing to a big portion. 

We worry about the future. It is okay to think about the future but thinking too much of what is to come can fuel anxiety and distract us from the present moment. But how do we stop worrying about the future? Having confidence in our actions and some optimism about the future will help reduce the worries. 

To some people, indecisiveness is a way of making sure they make the right decision, considering all their options before finalizing on anything. To others, it can hinge on other minor problems such as affecting behaviors manifesting as socially awkward situations. Some researchers say that Indecision is linked to ADHD.  

Often, the desire to be one hundred percent sure of the accuracy or correctness of your decision makes you indecisive. While this aspiration is laudable in most situations, it can trigger excessive stress and lead to a lack of self-trust. We should however acknowledge that making decisions takes time and energy in weighing options and being indecisive is part of the process. It’s already commendable that you are thinking about your situation. It’s almost impossible to be 100% sure. The desire to be completely correct can lead to stress, but we can learn how to handle this problem

The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision. 


On self-assessment, I discovered I struggled with important decisions in my life. The indecisions are due to worries of what-if possibilities. The absence of courage in such decisions can be costly. It builds on pressure and distracts from being in the present moment. Many of these indecisive moments span from various sources such as; breaking from limiting beliefs and trying to adopt new empowering beliefs. Letting go of the past and embracing the present moment, deciding the bridges to burn and where to direct the new energies, agreeing to situations even though the heart says otherwise, and basing decisions from past failures to mention a few. Goal setting, having faith, and trusting the process has helped solve indecision struggles. Many other solutions can be used to assist with this issue.

Indecision and delays are the parents of failure. 

George Canning

There are many suggestions on how to deal with indecisiveness. From reading on the subject to be aware of what it is, consulting experts, attending workshops or taking courses on the same, being physically active, playing games to work on the brain, and finally accepting the truth on one’s indecisions. Self-assessments are always good. They can help you get out of your way, attaining desired growth. What is your take and experience with indecision? 

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39 thoughts on “Indecision

  1. when I was younger I would flip a coin when I was having difficulty deciding what to do. I would be very careful to note my reaction . Was I relieved or disappointed ? Happy or unhappy? It helped me to know how I really felt about the situation and what I really wanted to do or not do. Not a very grand system for decision making but it worked for me.

    1. You were a step ahead already. You had a system, a solution. It works, especially where you noted your current emotion on your decision. Thank you for sharing, I’ll use this in some decisions to help me better review my emotional/gut feeling on either outcomes.

  2. Our lives are in God’s hands. If we trust Him, we can go forward w/ confidence. This does not mean we will never make mistakes, or will never experience hardship. But He will never abandon us. ❤

  3. You have touched on great points as it relates to indecisiveness and contributing factors. I was and still is indecisive, and have used methods you mentioned in effort to alleviate the problem. A couple of things that has worked for me is knowing that Indecisiveness leads to stagnancy,( it is best to have tried than to have never tried) most errors are repairable if there is a worry that things will not work out, and there is data to make your decision easier. At the end of the day, take a leap of faith as life is all about taking chances.

    1. Glad to hear you relate to the post and agree on the points. I am always working on this on myself. Learning to have courage and faith. I like what you’ve said with having faith and life being about chances. True, inspired action is always better thannnon action and we can always learn from our mistakes.

  4. This is a good, balanced view of indecision. I know someone who worked in a lab, where it was his job to prove things 100%, beyond a doubt. He was very good at it, but it spilled over into his view of God. The concept of faith – not being able to “prove” God 100% – has led to crippling indecision regarding the most important decision of all. It breaks my heart.

    1. Indecision affects all aspects of our lives. When it comes to God, I don’t think one can manage to 100% define because our perception to the whole picture of God is very limited. Limited to our reality and earth plain since God is everything. Just imagine the billion of galaxies and the extent of the universe to its 93 billion light years, the concept of omnipresent, omniscience and that which was from the begining and forever will be, we are just a speck in the whole magnitude therefor almost impossible to comprehend the whole.

  5. As a teenager my parents always told me to take my own decisions and sometimes the fear of indecision takes a toll on you… There was one subject in which I was average, I had and option to chooses among three subject but just it was easy to study I chose that and then couldn’t concentrate and hated that subject….

    1. It’s a very difficult thing but we do not notice the weight it carries. Life is all about decisions and the decisions we make determine the quality of our lives. Sorry about the subject and the experience. In time, it gets better.

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