Time Machines

Men have searched to the ends of the earth,
Hopeless they claimed you don’t exist, but a myth
Stories told for decades, centuries
With dreams of time travel burning from within

A version of you already existed, hidden in plain sight disguised in written texts.
A piece of the whole, a key nonetheless.
In writings of discoveries, experiences, and many stories
Of all ages, some carved in stone.

Through the writers’ words, one can travel back in time mentally and experience them.
Feeling emotions portrayed in writings make the travel more surreal.
In the stories, you can travel as you please.
Using books as your time machines

Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko on Unsplash
©2020 Kevin Kinge 

49 thoughts on “Time Machines

  1. I loved this, beautiful writing! Those last couple lines are so so good, books are quite magical! Thank you for this incredibly written piece. Much love to you my friend. 🖤-Ace

    1. Yes, it’s the safest travel there is. Saving us energy and time by reading what other great minds have searched and struggled for then summarized it for us. Thank you for the good wishes, wishing you and your family peace. 🌻

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