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Negative News

I once read about a young gentleman who approached an old sage and asked for the best career path. The old man gently replied. Get into the business of positivity since it has fewer people but a guaranteed customer base.

The bad news is referred to as a report of an unhappy event or undesirable circumstance. Other terms used to define it are undesirable, unfortunate, terrible, and unlucky to mention a few. Negative News on the other hand is defined as any kind of unfavorable information found across a wide variety of news sources. 

Have you ever noticed that almost all the news that we are fed on many outlets to be negative news? Be it on television, newspapers, or radio. The news is always headlined with stories of corruption, accidents that caused death, gossip, abuse, and other bad news then followed by very brief news that focuses on positivity. I discovered this a while ago, and I purposed to protect myself from most of this negativity. To filter the information that I consume. It led me to read fewer newspapers and reducing the amount of news I consume unless it is necessary or intentional. Filtering the movies and television shows you consume is also important.

The reason why there is a lot of negative news in all media is that it sells more. People are attracted to negative news faster and are always hungry for more. So The more negative news you have, the greater your traffic, and this translates to more profits for the respective business leveraging on high traffic and converting to several sales streams. Negative News for media houses and presses is a business strategy.

We are usually attracted to negative news more since negative events have a greater impact on our brains than positive ones. Might it be a possibility that we are wired to be curious about bad news with regards to our survival? To know what’s dangerous for us so that we may avoid it, then over the years we got used to the rush of hearing negative news. Neurology tries to explain this phenomenon. It is said that there is a part of the brain called the amygdala, which functions like an alarm and is constantly on the lookout for danger, fear, and bad news. Scientists believe this to be the brain’s default position. Then there’s cortisol. This is the part of the brain that tends to flow more freely and spurs negative thoughts through stress. Your brain loves cortisol. Negative experiences are common, and they trigger cortisol in your brain with a snap, which means negative thoughts come more easily than positive thoughts.  

Bad and negative news tends to instill some fear in us. This might happen at a subconscious level. Probably with limited knowledge on our part but its effects are real. We associate the undesired events with our underlying beliefs and make them real. When we fear something, we give it some power over us. We then attract it following the ‘law‘ that we attract what we fear. Many of these fears will project to your external environment as undesirable circumstances. For example, you might miss a bus, have a rude encounter, lose an item, and many other unfortunate events.  

“Think of the outer environment as a mirror of your inner -environment. When you see something on the outside, such as an event or situation. Look inside yourself for the reflection, the parallel, 

the connection.”

Charlene Belitz

Being aware and present from moment to moment allows us to filter what we consume and control what we pay attention to. Instead of being passive victims of fear states, we can have some say in our emotional states and manifested outcomes. It is, however, good to have as much information as possible. To be aware of what you are consuming is the stress point.

“More information is always better than less. When people know the reason things are happening, even if it is bad news, they can adjust their expectations and react accordingly.”

Simon Sinek

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70 thoughts on “Negative News

  1. Sure, Negative news spreads very faster. Indeed we ought to filter what we take in, and avoid negative news. In the process we shall impact others to focus less on Negative news.

    1. Yes, it becomes a matter of conscious choice when we become aware of the negativity being spread. Focusing on positivity has positive effects as you’ve said. Thanks

  2. I was actually reading about this recently how we like to focus on the bad as a means of survival. So that in case the bad come we are ready for it. According to research the younger you are the more active your amygdala is than your frontal lobe so you often have lots of negative thoughts. Great read. Keep it up,

    1. True, it’s a coping mechanism for survival and with today’s unlimited access to information and the ease of access, contributes to the fast spreading negativity. Thank you.

  3. True enough! It is good to focus on the lighter side. It does no good if we will patronize the bad news. It has a great impact on the way we think, say and do. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful wisdom to ponder on.

    1. It’s had to imagine at first, but when we learn about the basic mechanics. A lot changes, especially on how we perceive things, reality.

  4. Yes, negative emotions are always stronger, because we are evolutionarily wired to avoid danger. We also form strong memories of negative impressions and feelings. We hold grudges to keep ourselves safe in the future. It’s not fun, but it’s a survival mechanism. I wonder at what stage of evolution/civilization people figured out that they can intentionally pursue happiness. Not sure if any other species see that as a mission…

    1. Well said. Yes we do form strong impressions of sad and fearful emotions.

      Our natural state is positivity and joy. Giving and receiving love, it’s the negativity the we adopted for survival. The difference with other species is they do not carry the stress feelings after a stressful situations only mark it as a warning experience for future reference so the do not carry any negativity.

      1. True, have you heard of the concept “mind like water”? When something disturbs it, it gives just the right number of ripples- no more, no less. I think it comes from martial arts.

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