A smile, a laugh – A Poem on Happiness

Smiles, free for everyone
Cheers the dullest soul, lifts a broken spirit
Brings joy to the moment,
Keeping stress and pain away

We have the most muscles on the face, curves
They say beauty hides in symmetry
Smiles own the best of those curves.
Smile, it looks good on you

Good laughs artfully define the curves on your face, toning
Nourishing the skin, giving beautiful glows
Protecting the heart, building on immunity
Burning calories, and even prolonging your life

Keep smiling, and make laughter your friend
A hearty laugh, from deep within ignites the soul
A good laugh is healthy for you, magical
Smile, laugh and be happy

Smiling is important, it elevates our moods and brings joy in our lives. Whenever we get a chance to smile, we should. Just seen this video by Kirk Franklin on smile and thought to share it. Smile and enjoy.

Credit Kirk Franklin – smile

Photo by Bishka Nguyen  on Unsplash
©2020 Kevin Kinge 

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