Wildflowers – Poem

Wild and free almost boundless
Born of nature through the ultimate design
Conquering lands, spreading like wildfires
But unlike the signature of the fires, destruction
Wildfires cover the earth in enthralling beauty.

Ideas are born of man’s desire for growth
An innate connection with source
The ideas wild like wildflowers
Spreading like wildfires

Some good spreading wild
Others as dangerous as wildfires,
Out of control and destruction in their wake.

Like wildflowers we should paint the world with beautiful ideas,
Of oneness and kindness to all, Of love and hope
Like wildflowers appearing from nothing and spreading seeds of joy,
We should spread wildflowers like wildfires in good ideas

They say that ideas are thing made of matter and energy. The most dangerous thing in the world. With the power to create or destroy. Everything that exists was first an idea, from you to the vast expansive universe. Feed your ideas positivity.

Photo by Tim Mossholder  on Unsplash
©2020 Kevin Kinge 

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55 thoughts on “Wildflowers – Poem

      1. Welcome🌻. We all are, but that’s how everything great begins. With the first step. It’s barely a year for me to since I started writing and created my blog. But I’m enjoying the process and the growth that comes with the journey.

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