The Unfolding

Life is a beautiful unfolding
Like the petals of a colorful flower, spreading fragrance across the world
We learn to embrace the unexpected turns,
Enjoying the scenery in our detours when lost

Life trials Reveal the priceless gems hidden within,
Glittering, polished by hard-earned lessons
Unwrapping the many gifts of life if we care to look
Noticing the Gradual disclosure of the Divinity hidden in all

We dance to the rhythms of the song called life
Finding our role in the world in time,
Tuning to the right symphonic tone to the orchestral music
Our purpose revealing our true self

Awaking to see different views, creating with renewed energy from within
Building realities from dreams
Becoming citizens of the greatest nation, imagination
Letting go of limiting beliefs which hold on to the unfolding of life’s beauty
Free, we Enjoy the unfolding in tranquility

Photo by David Hofmann  on Unsplash
©2020 Kevin Kinge 

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37 thoughts on “The Unfolding

  1. Beautifully written and full of life’s wisdom earned from experiences good and challenging. It’s always the tough ones that make us grow and I can see in your words you have a few yourself. 🙏🏼

    1. Thank you. Yes, Often times accepting our experiences both good and bad shape us and strengthen our foundations in this journey. In lessons learned and gratitude given.

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