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We think, thus we all talk to ourselves. Although most of the self-talk is mental, we also talk to ourselves out loud. Through words because what we say is an expression of our thoughts given energy. Sadly, for many, self-talk is usually predominantly negative. This is very damaging, with often alternations between positive and negative self-talk. 

“Self-talk reflects your innermost feelings. Dr. Asa Don 

Have you ever been told to be positive when you are going through a rough patch? A complicated situation at work, or with your finances or health? I guess that you struggled with thinking positively. I do in such situations but being aware of it counts as some effort towards removing the negativity. It is not that we do not want to be positive. Just that our dominant focus is on the problem and probably a struggle to go back to peace and positivity. It is very difficult to be positive when going through such experiences. The natural alternative is being in a stressed or negative state.

I read about how negative we humans are generally. How dangerous negativity is. Its effects on the body and situations since they influence our reaction to events in a negative way. Negative thinking is one of the most powerful elements many of us fight daily. It works against us, making our experience worse than they currently are. One of the fastest ways’ negativity spread is through our internal thoughts.

There is too much negativity in the world. Do your best to make sure you are not contributing to it.Germany Kent

The most common way to change our internal thoughts is through meditations, visualizations, and affirmations. The three work well but are difficult to practice and observe. They also take time to manifest the intended outcome. But there is a shortcut to working on negative thoughts by observing what you are saying. It is said that when we say something out loud, it is almost ten times stronger. Words are thoughts energized. Negative talk becomes over four times more powerful compared to positive-talk. Hence over forty times more likely to happen or affect you. 

“You need to be your cheer squad, not your own worst enemy.” Miya

Being present from moment to moment is the best way to watch for the negative thoughts before we even externalize them. We might be going through a rough situation but not externalize it. Not repeating through our words how bad the situation we are in robs it of its power. You will then use most of this energy on working around the problem. Probably reduce its intensity or effects significantly.

Over the years, I’ve noticed what we fear most often has a way of showing up faster than what we want to happen. By repeating the negative words, we are predicting exactly what we do not want to happen. We forget that we have some control over what happens to us. We talk ourselves to many of our problems.

“The quality of your life is the quality of your communication.” Anthony Robbins

We observe and report a lot but often do not realize we do this. That’s why journaling is recommended as a necessity for transforming one from negativity to positivity. Journaling will help you notice the negativity in your life. And slowly, over time can help you transform to positive. By focusing on gratitude for the little things that we many times do not notice. It’ll help you be mindful of what you consume. Such as negative music, unhealthy television shows, who we talk to, and what we say.

Your self-talk is the channel of behavior change” Gino Norris

Once you notice you are predominantly negative. It is good to pause the negativity then switch to positivity. Avoid triggers that force you into negativity. Take control of the mediums that bring you negativity, such as watching too much of the wrong shows. Know that your self-talk determines so much of how your reality is. Positive thinking is not necessarily focusing on thinking positively only. But also, on what you are willing not to do, think, and say. Observe your self-talk. 

“Your success in becoming positive is determined by what you are willing to sacrifice for it.”

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95 thoughts on “Self-Talk

  1. So powerful and true. I do self-talk as well but mostly in my head. I do it to calm myself down and remind myself to look at the positive side of things.

  2. What a relevant read for me. Self talk really does the most because what a man thinketh so is he.
    Sometimes when we have a problem we think too much about the negative side. And then we begin to worry about why are worrying so much. Then like that it becomes a chain reaction. We ought to just know and accept the negative things and find better ways of improving or getting out of that bad situation. Instead of just expressing and living that negativity.
    You said it all Kevin, truly 💚

    1. I’m glad you relate to ths post. True, we are what we think and we focus so much on the negativity as if anticipating more bad to come instead of acknowledging what has happened and focusing on the good that’s on its way. I like your summary. Thanks

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