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Forgive. This word is often heard but misunderstood. Most of us understand only the surface meaning, and we struggle practicing it. The reason is it carries several notions. Such as; when we forgive, we are pushovers, labeled weak, and gullible. Then from an personal perspective, we wonder; what happens to justice? What if the situation reoccurs because of letting it go easy?

“Forgiveness is not approving what happened. It is choosing to rise above it.” Robin Sharma

All these concerns are valid but we should understand that its okay to forgive. It eases tension, rebuilds friendships among many other positives. The most important benefit is to self. Knowing this changes one’s perception of it. It took me a while to understand this truth. That forgiving benefits me the most. Apart from loosening the tense situation that was. The right way to forgive, and how to do it was the interesting part.

“Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.” Tony Robbins

Forgiving has been proved to release tension in the human body. People with chronic body pains to illnesses like back pains and acidity are said to heal as they forgive. When we release negative energy carried towards someone or a situation, we release tension in the body. The tension usually manifests in the physical born from feelings of pain, anger, and resentment. To be angry at someone or something, you have to carry the feelings of anger and resentment in you first. Then project it outwards hence hurting yourself more. Best compared to throwing hot coal at someone you are angry at with your bare hand. You will burn yourself first before you hit the other if at all you do.

“Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.” Anne Lamott

For one to forgive and release the negative energy completely with all earnestness. one has to do it with feeling and emotion. Hence why the best-method practiced from the ages is through praying for the person or situation that caused you hurt. Then bless the situation or person. Do this repeatedly, and you will feel the tension leaving, like a heavy load lifted off. Soon, replaced by tremendous peace and relaxation. To take it further, one can visualize the tense situation disappearing. Love and peace taking its place. It is a simple process. All it needs is the readiness of mind, and a willingness to change, plus a desire to be free by letting go. Forgiving is about increasing the quality of your life.

“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.” Robert Muller

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80 thoughts on “Forgiving

  1. I appreciate your post this day, most sincerely … I am currently in this season where I must remember to “rise above the hurt” as your so aptly stated. My father died a few days back and he has never been there or even given me candy to my recollection and my half siblings (we do not live in the same country) sent me the funeral bill.
    So this is a timely read for me.

    1. Feel comforted and I pray that you find the courage and strength to forgive the hurt. I can only imagine from your brief description how hard it is, his absence then and now this current load. Wishing you peace, love and light. 🌻

  2. Great Post. God’s forgiveness leads us to exercise the same to others. Following the Light of Christ is easier when we have laid down the heavy burden of unforgiveness Thank you for your blog..

  3. Wonderful post. And I so agree! It’s better to forgive because holding grudges only makes for a miserable life. Most of the time, the person we hold a grudge against doesn’t know or doesn’t care. Grudges only hurt the grudge holder. Thank you for posting. I know so many who need to read this!

  4. Well written and valid, but not addressing the whole issue. There are crimes that we cannot forgive, like inhumanity in Cambodia or those committed during the Worlds I and II. I know that you are referring only to problems in everyday life, but it is the mind setting that will allow ignoring the bigger issues.


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