Life, a dream – A Poem on Life

Exploring the mountains
Traversing the wide oceans
From kingdom to kingdom, you dine and intertwine with kings and queens
Having the best adventures molded in your dreams
Each escapade feeding your hunger for more
Now more dangerous and daring
Inventing technology, to forget you were dreaming
Day and night shortened, moving fast in time
Hiding levels within dreams, lost convinced this to be true not a dream
Deep down you know you will wake up, maybe in this level of the dream you are in now
The cascades and spirals gigantic, the climb to the awakening seem like another dream
The world a distant panorama of passing events
Awakening to the realization of energy and matter, the universe its reflection
Embracing reality, acknowledging the world within
Seeing through the blinding polarities,
Light the absence of darkness and noise born from silence
You laugh and marvel at this wondrous
Your truth in the waking.

Photo credit 
©2020 Kevin Kinge 

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68 thoughts on “Life, a dream – A Poem on Life

  1. ‘The world a distant panorama of passing events’
    That line stood out to me in particular. How true; how we sleepwalk through this wonderful experience and sometimes never wake up.
    Keep writing, keep reminding us.

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