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“When life throws at you lemons, make lemonade.”

Sometimes life is hard. You do your best, making realistic plans, taking action steps, and being consistent. These among many other steps, but somehow you keep straining. Your intended goals disappearing further from the vicinity. Feelings of giving up creep in, like thieves in the night. Tempted and tired of fighting, you almost give them a chance. Held by the shred of hope hidden deep within, it pulls you out of the downward spiral, and you give one more push. Crossing your fingers, and having learned from the other failures now. Your chances of success are even higher.

Luck is when preparedness meets with opportunity. If you had not set the goals and took the action steps you took. You would not be able to seize an opportunity when it came your way. A valuable lesson that even if you do not reap fruits from your struggles and efforts now, it was not all in vain. At least you have set up the foundation, and soon your opportunity will come knocking. Make delayed gratification a welcome friend.

“Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation. While bad luck is when lack of preparation meets reality.”Eliyahu Goldratt

Pain demands to be felt. When times get hard, and the pain too much to bear, we try to run away from the pain. But they say what you resist persists. Not too long ago, I experienced great losses. Loss of loved ones, and soon after a business. It was a very depressing period. Not knowing how to deal with it was worse. We are usually averse to pain. We try to avoid it at all costs, and when we experience it, We don’t let it go. We carry the disappointments in regrets of what-ifs. When a painful experience crosses your path, it is okay. Feel it, learn from it if there is anything to learn, then let it go. By letting the pain go after you have felt it frees you from its chains. Doing this can then unveil a new stronger you, molded by pain and experience. Finding new passions was my realese. Reading, writing and practicing a mindful life of present moments and gratitude.

“Sit with the pain until it passes, and you will be calmer for the next one.” Naval Ravikant

Lemonade is a sweet and sour drink made from a bitter fruit, lemons. Its health benefits aside. We can always make something good out of a bad experience. Our reaction to a situation has the power to change the outcome. It is all in perspective. There is nothing wrong with being optimistic. As long as you are realistic, being patient if you have put in the necessary action. Make the best out of your bad situation today, turn those lemons life has thrown at you into lemonade.

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.” Helen Keller

What lemons has life thrown at you? How did you turn them into lemonade?

Photo by Mariah Hewines  on Unsplash

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42 thoughts on “Lemons

    1. Yes, it’s all in the perspective. We can choose to rise above what we think are our limitations and define new paths. Thank you🙂

  1. I spent the first part of my life being a lemon. Then, I said to myself I don’t want to keep having negative thoughts, so I started making lemonade, and I am much happier as a result (but still get called grumpy bear at home). That’s also a great quote by Helen Keller. I believe things are working out for the better over the long term, but many want to keep getting caught up in the negative.

    1. I’m glad for your transformation. Yes, there are challenges that come when we face the tough situations head on but nothing lasts, they’ll soondissapear. It’s a great quote. We need to change our perspectives from the negatives to a more positive life.

  2. You seem to be expressing in different words the essence of my thinking – and the reason for my blog. It seems to me that most, if not all of what makes us unhappy isn’t that things are so terrible (although they sure can seem to be) but that we are seeing them in the wrong perspective and reacting to them in the wrong ways. If we can just see things as God sees them, we can have at least some peace, even in extremely unpleasant times. That is why I’m seeking divine perspective. 😉

    1. Very well said. Often times we are blind to perspectives looking at things in a linear way. Yes, sometimes even in bad situations, we can still change perspective and make the process bearable. I like the reason for your blog, and it’s title.

  3. Love the luck definition… So true..
    These tough times create tough bonds – its good stuff coming out of the bad.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

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