States – A Poem on States of Mind

We live in a world of states, flowing through time.
Continuous, the states unfold in time.
They determine our realities,
Each offering different perspectives.

Imagine time as a horizontal line,
Flowing, and the states as a vertical line.
The infinite states intersecting in time
We move through time, cutting it at different level states.

The states limit or enable us.
Deeper than moods and emotions, there is not a bad state.
But delayed unfolding of the good,
Gradual awakening of the self, the world in infinite response to you.

We live in a world of states. Free to move along the different levels subject to our awareness and perception. One can assume a state and become it. Through the application of knowledge and directed thought. Practicing mindfulness and being present. Nothing is independent of the perceiver, You.

Photo by Joung Hyunjin  on Unsplash
©2020 Kevin Kinge 

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