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We live in a beautiful world. If you care to take a closer look at all the miracles that happen to us and around us every day. It’s wondrous if only you could pause and pay attention to the details. The ingenuity of the happenings. Yes, there are many frustrations and challenges that we face, but also as many miracles that we come across. We ourselves are blessings to the world.

โ€œEvery day send some blessings to the world. Let there be flow of loveโ€ Amit Ray

In time, we understand many things and the reasons behind them. We learn to accept, desire, and create room for growth. Aligning with life, and it is nature towards growth. Accepting change as the only constant.

We’ve had a lot of changes lately with the corona pandemic, and life is going to change in many ways. We can’t fight these changes despite many not being desirable or comfortable such as wearing masks and social distancing. Masks limit the oxygen intake (subject to quality) hence suppressing the life in us. Social distancing (subject to the level enforced) affects our emotions. We are emotional beings, so the fear(of the pandemic and its effects) and imposed limitations affect our sparks of joy in life. These being the hard truths, we have to adapt and comply to survive the COVID outbreak and stop its spread.

The hardest of the changes is financial. Millions if not billions of people are suffering due to the negative financial effects caused by the pandemic. The worst part of it is the psychological effects it has on us. Our lives are structured around security. The security is linked to our financial health. Having a hit on our finances creates fear. Living with fear has many bad effects. From diseases(manifesting in our bodies) to population control driven by fear and ignorance. A perfect example of the current state is the rapid spread of the pandemic probably what was announced as the second wave and power plays that we are now noticing. Leveraging on the problem, then fear, reaction, solution model. We (the people) pawns to a bigger game.

Most of what’s happening is beyond our control. But a little awareness can go a long way in reigniting that spark of life in us, that thread of hope in our hearts. To know that even in the darkest of times’ we are still gifted. Gifted with life and able to experience the many other blessings in us and around us every day. The gift of the sun, warm bed and a roof, food, and love from family, friends, or strangers. Gifts many still enjoy. The ability to be kind and spark a smile on someone.

Know that the atoms that make you were once stardust. We are all, stars. We can choose to shine bright and illuminate. That’s what stars do. ‘As the stars light up the sky, so can we the earth. Each one of us ‘individually’ and together ‘collectively’, creating a beautiful experience. A world with less fear and more joy, less competition, hatred, and anxiety but more kindness and love. May we shine bright and illuminate the darkness with the brightest of lights.

“There is stardust in your veins. We are literally stars”.

Jocelyn Bell

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25 thoughts on “Stardust

  1. Completely in alignment with all of this! Love! Thanks for sharing Kevin/Kinge (not sure which you prefer… :))) xoxo ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ”†

      1. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ™ I kind of like Kinge tbh. Very cool name. :))) Kevin Kinge together is rockin’!! :)))

      2. I just read your about page (thanks for reading mine :)) – I can’t like or comment from the front end of WP blogs for some glitchy reason, but wow! “…a farmer who writes.” I love that so much. That is poetry!

      3. p.s. And now I realize it’s Kinge Kevin, not the other way around. I was going by your domain name haha. Apologies for that and yes I truly love your name, Kinge!

      4. Thanks again. I decided to use my name’s for the domain. The site name is Temet Nosce. Meaning, travel within to find yourself.

  2. I loved this post Kinge! It’s so true how this virus has impacted on our ability to breathe (through masks) and to hug and express our joy through our smiling faces, and yet “โ€˜As the stars light up the sky, so can we the earthโ€˜.” We truly can share that beautiful inner spark, and realize our interconecteness with “All that is”. Thank you for sharing your light through your writing!

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