Kintsugi – A Poem on Golden Repair

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Things break, it is their nature
We then throw them away it is our nature
Labeling them as bad rejects
The unlucky get discarded, sad
Broken, they think themselves worthless.

If they knew of the old Japanese tradition of repairing broken pottery, they call it kintsugi.
Mending the break with lacquer mixed with powdered gold, some silver, and platinum
A stronger bond in the broken lines formed, now the jar still useful with enhanced beauty.
Creating a masterpiece of art, revealing beauty in the broken

Sometimes life breaks you, but you can rise stronger.
Pain and negativity help illuminate blessings and love.
Loss and despair replaced with new light and renewed energy.
Challenges, turning to opportunities, weakness becomes strength.
Beauty hides in the broken mended.

We often break in life, that does not mean our usefulness is over. The pain and hurt only shows us our strength and potential. By rising stronger, we create beauty in life like a golden repair.

©2020 Kevin Kinge 

35 thoughts on “Kintsugi – A Poem on Golden Repair

  1. I felt the power in this message. One thing we all ought to do is look at how a bad situation can be transformed from bad to something good. Into something beneficial!

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