The stars looked in awe, millions of light-years away gazing at a blue piece of rock in the Orion. Hidden among thousands of comets, asteroids and dwarf planets that make the milky way. Admiring the humans as they loved, adventured, evolved, got lost then found their way back to love

Between the mangled mess of humanity, fate had planned a choreographed adventure for two beautiful souls. And as the stars watched, the boy met a girl. The experience as ethereal as their love story. Passion and kindness, dreams, and hopes. They traded their hearts, each the keeper for the other.

The boy grew to an ideal man and girl to an enthralling lady. Both curved by love and shaped by their adventures. Learned to dance in the rain, when days colder than the coldest of nights came knocking. Only time revealed their sage souls.

Despite their test of time, love and pain, and now separated by distance, captive to current states. They look up to the distant stars, gazing, wondering if the stars are looking back. And what fate they hold for them? Because if the last few years of love, life, and adventure was the introduction, what lies ahead?

Photo by Clint McKoy  on Unsplash
©2020 Kevin Kinge 

42 thoughts on “Unbounded

    1. Hi Jeofrey. Welcome. I am glad. Hoping to learn a thing or two from your blog especially how to monetize and do proper SEO articles.

  1. This had me awestruck. You have a unique way of expressing things.
    Also, if I may ask, how is your name to be pronounced? “King-eh” or “Kinj”? I’ve been meaning to ask for a while now😅

    1. Hey Shreya. Thank you 🙂. The first guess is very correct😏.. but most people just pronounce it bluntly the way its written.

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