We – A People Poem

We are gifted life, then born
Innocent, we imitate and learn to belong
We grow and evolve, with desires and emotions
Creating experiences, defining the self

Like beautiful flowers, we unfold
Some early other are late bloomers
We then struggle to exist and forget
Passive, we only see the truth when it’s a bit too late if at all we do

Trapped in a rat race, slaves to capitalism.
Blinded by comforts, harboring greed and doubts
We rush against time, forgetting to live
Obsess on accumulating material wealth, ignoring the inexhaustible within

Like we did when young, we continue to imitate
Creating false identities separating us from ourselves, persona
Ignorant of infinity soul, we struggle to leave a legacy
If only we knew that we are remembered, by the emotions we created

Then I wonder what if we knew?
That all is one, and the key lies within,
The world born in us, and we the magnum opus
That life is now, and our purpose is living

Photo by Donald Teel  on Unsplash
©2020 Kevin Kinge 

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